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The Whitlam policy collection brings together landmark research reports, supplemented with audio, video, articles, literature reviews, essays and transcripts produced by The Whitlam Institute since 2008.

Election 2022: an opportunity to establish a long-term Labor government

In June 2022, the the ALP National Executive moved to commence a review of Labor's 2022 federal election campaign, and Greg Combet and Lenda Oshalem to lead the review. This report outlines the findings.

"Relevant and electable": Gough Whitlam and the remaking of the Australian Labor Party

On 2 December 1972, Gough Whitlam led the Labor Party into government for the first time in 23 years with the most expansive agenda for change in modern Australian political history. In this paper, Emeritus Professor Jenny Hocking examines how Whitlam took advantage of the...

Australia before Whitlam: a slice of the sixties

What was Australia like before the Whitlam Government? This paper explores that question by homing in on February 1967, the month that Gough Whitlam succeeded Arthur Calwell as Leader of the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party.
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Public sector reform

During the 2022 federal election campaign, the Labor Party included improving the Australian Public Service (APS) within its raft of policy commitments. This article examines the key issues likely to influence plans for reform, taken from the ALP’s policy positions, inquiries initiated by the previous...

Unfinished Parliamentary business: an overview of potential Indigenous Australians portfolio measures

This paper considers what might appear in the Albanese Government’s legislative and ministerial Indigenous Australians agenda, by listing what is already ‘on the table’.

Operation Watts

This joint investigation, conducted by IBAC and the Victorian Ombudsman, was initiated following allegations of serious corrupt conduct involving Victorian public officers, including Members of Parliament. The joint investigation examined a range of matters, including allegations of misuse of electorate offices, ministerial office staff and...

Federal election 2022: a review of the election outcome and key policy issues

This publication outlines KPMG’s analysis of the 2022 Australian federal election result, including an examination of the ALP's policy focus for the national economy, foreign affairs and defence, health and wellbeing, and climate change and energy.

Labor's commitment to First Nations peoples

This publication outlines the ALP's policy priorities for Indigenous Australians.
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Research note: modelling of the 2022 Coalition and Labor child care policies

This paper provides results of modelling of the distributional impacts of Labor's proposed child care policy and the Coalition's recently legislated child care policy. Both policies are compared to the previous child care subsidy policy.

Our plan for a better future for all Australians: Labor’s policies

This webpage provides access to a range of policy initiatives that the ALP is taking to the 2022 federal election.
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Statement on Labor's economic plan and budget strategy

This paper outlines's the ALP's policies surrounding the overall Australian economy and Labor's federal budgetary position.
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2022 Federal election: refugee policies of Liberal-National Coalition, Labor and the Greens

This briefing provides an overview of the public positions on refugee issues of the three parties with the largest representation in the Australian Parliament – the Liberal-National Coalition, the Australian Labor Party and the Australian Greens.

How Labor can win the 2022 election

Every election is winnable, by either side, as the 2019 election showed. Labor enters this one in better shape, and with better prospects, than last time, writes Chris Wallace.
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Explainer: everything you need to know about the major parties’ new childcare policies

In this blog post, Owain Emslie takes a look at the child care policies of the Liberal/National Coalition and the ALP in the lead-up to the 2022 federal election.

Powering Australia

An Albanese Labor Government will deliver 'Powering Australia' – Labor’s plan to create jobs, cut power bills and reduce emissions by boosting renewable energy

ALP National platform: as adopted at the 2021 Special Platform Conference

In March 2021, delegates to the Australian Labor Party’s Special Platform Conference gathered to debate and adopt their National Platform. The 2021 National Platform sets out the contemporary policy agenda that an Albanese Labor Government will implement.
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Fact Check: Anthony Albanese says the Coalition 'gutted' the Australian National Audit Office's budget by 20 per cent over the past seven years. Is he correct?

Leader of the opposition, Anthony Albanese, has claimed the Government has cut the National Audit Office's resources by 20 per cent over the last seven years. The verdict: Mr Albanese's claim is overstated.
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Fact Check: Ged Kearney says aged care operators do not have to account for how they spend their taxpayer funding. Is she correct?

Labor's Shadow Assistant Minister for Aged Care, Ged Kearney, claimed aged care operators did not have to account for how they spend taxpayer funding. Referring to the “whole aged care sector", she said $20 billion was handed over without proper accountability or transparency, and that...
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Fact Check: Bill Shorten says aged care is a Federal Government responsibility. Is he correct?

Former Labor Leader Bill Shorten accused the federal Coalition Government of being slow to prepare for the threat of COVID-19 in residential care facilities. As COVID-19 tore through nursing homes in Victoria, he argued aged care was "a federal responsibility", rather than one that fell...
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Fact Check: Jodi McKay says the NSW firefighting budget is facing a $40 million cut. Is that correct?

As bushfires burn across NSW, social media has lit up with claims that the state's firefighters had their funding slashed. But NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian says her Government has in fact provided record funding.

Does the economy trump all else?

Labor’s election review hasn’t quite nailed the party’s key problem, writes Paul Rodan.

Review of Labor's 2019 federal election campaign

This ALP 2019 election campaign analysis concludes that Labor lost the election because of a weak strategy that could not adapt to the change in Liberal leadership, a cluttered policy agenda that looked risky, and an unpopular leader.
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Fact Check: Linda Burney says Australia is the only first world nation with a colonial history that doesn't recognise its first people in its constitution. Is she correct?

Amid debate over Indigenous constitutional recognition, Labor Opposition spokeswoman for Indigenous Australians, Senator Linda Burney, claims that of all the first-world nations with a colonial past, Australia alone has failed to acknowledge its original
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Fact Check: Are marks to get into teaching getting lower and lower?

Opposition education spokeswoman Tanya Plibersek, who has long expressed concerns about the quality of teacher education courses in Australia, says marks to get into teaching are getting lower and lower. Is that right?