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People with disabilities
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Voice of the patient report: living with sensorineural hearing loss

There is a continued unmet need for solutions to support people with hearing loss. The information in this report, gathered from people living with hearing loss, will be used to guide drug and technology development and inform the U.S Food and Drug Administration’s benefit-risk evaluations...
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Women’s experiences of accessing individualized disability supports: gender inequality and Australia’s National Disability Insurance Scheme

This article draws on data collected in an exploratory study about the experiences of women seeking disability support through the NDIS. The objectives were to identify possible gendered barriers to applying for and receiving adequate support through the NDIS, and to suggest directions for future...
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Humanising brain injury rehabilitation: a qualitative study examining humanising approaches to engagement in the context of a storytelling advocacy programme

Building upon the findings of a study that explored the experience and impact of narrative storytelling following acquired brain injury, this article provides insights into how facilitators engaged in humanising practice within the context of a storytelling advocacy program and examines the engagement of storytelling...

Locked out: vaccination discrimination for children and young people with disability

Despite prioritisation, levels of vaccinations among children and young people with disability lag those of the general population. This report includes data from a survey undertaken by Children and Young People with Disability Australia (CYDA) and analysed by academics at the University of New South...

False economy: the economic benefits of the NDIS and the consequences of government cost-cutting

The National Disability Insurance Agency's (NDIA's) annual financial sustainability report of December 2020 (AFSRDec20) made waves in the disability support community when it was released earlier this year. This report discusses some of the issues surrounding the new NDIA modelling, in addition to assessing the...

Disability support pension: the impact of institutional abuse and neglect on people with disability

This report considers the systemic failures of the Disability Support Pension application and review processes and the harm caused to individuals with disability by their interaction with Centrelink. The report is also a submission to the Senate Inquiry on the purpose, intent and adequacy of...

Disability and disasters

Persons with disabilities are more likely to be badly affected by disasters and be left behind in their wake. This panel discusses the importance of mainstreaming inclusive responses to ensure that disaster preparedness and responses ensure safety, security and rights for all.

Agents of our own destiny: activism and the road to the disability Royal Commission

There are two chronologies that tell the story of the establishment of the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability – one known, the other unknown. In short, the creation of the Royal Commission was never inevitable, but once the...

Disability in Australia: shadows, struggles and successes

This project explores available cultural, social and political texts to map a history of shared understanding of diverse Australians with disability.

Police responses to people with disability

This project targets critical knowledge and practice gaps to build the Commission’s knowledge and evidence base about police processes, interactions and responses to people with disability, and how they can be improved.