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Investigation into decision-making under the Victorian Border Crossing Permit Directions

This investigation focussed on the Victorian Department of Health’s decision-making processes and use of discretion under the Victorian Border Crossing Permit Directions. It was relevant to consider the timeline leading to the designation of NSW and the ACT as an ‘extreme risk zone’ and more...

ANZUS at 70: the past, present and future of the alliance

The ANZUS Treaty was signed on 1 September 1951 in San Francisco. It was the product of energetic Australian lobbying to secure a formal United States commitment to Australian and New Zealand security. This publication aims to show the range of those ties, to understand...

Chronology of Victorian border closures due to COVID-19

This chronology has been put together using state and territory media releases from Premiers, Chief Ministers and Health Ministers, information from state and territory Health Department/coronavirus websites and media articles where Premiers, Chief Ministers or departmental officials are quoted.
Policy report

A roadmap to reopening

The urgency shown by Australia in initially suppressing and then locally eliminating COVID-19 now needs to be shown towards preparing the country for reopening its international borders. This report outlines a pathway to reopening Australia and then rebuilding for Australia’s future success.

Counting the cost of Australia’s delayed vaccine rollout: part two - international border closures

This report projects the likely delay in Australia's international border reopening and the economic costs of this delay. It finds that Australia is on track to end international border closures 81 days later than originally planned and will incur an economic cost estimated at $16.4...

Vaccination and testing of the border workforce for COVID-19 and risk of community outbreaks: a modelling study

In this article, the authors use a stochastic model of COVID-19 transmission and testing to investigate the effect that vaccination of border workers has on the risk of an outbreak in an unvaccinated community.

“Go Hard, Go Early”: human security, economic security and New Zealand’s response to COVID-19

In this article, the author asks why are New Zealand’s civilian agencies not up to the task of border security operations? What role should military and intelligence agencies have in enhancing biosecurity and fighting pandemics? And can a country such as New Zealand be resilient...

The 12-week window: coronavirus crisis Australia didn’t have to have

This paper argues that the coronavirus crisis was ‘the crisis that Australia didn’t have to have’. The paper lays out a detailed weekly timeline of the crucial first twelve weeks of the crisis, which were Australia’s window of opportunity for fighting the virus at the...
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Abbott splitting hairs on the difference between towing and turning back the boats

Prime Minister Tony Abbott claims there is a big between turning boats around in Australian waters and the Australian Navy towing them back to Indonesia.

Foreign and security policy in the new Malaysia

This analysis argues that the democratisation of the policymaking process, efforts at greater transparency, and leadership in the area of human rights at the global level are all welcome moves under the Pakatan Harapan government. However, these will have only limited international impact if unaccompanied...