Biodiversity conservation

Wildlife conservation

Making peace with nature

This report lays out the gravity of Earth’s triple environmental emergencies – climate, biodiversity loss and pollution – through a unique synthesis of findings from major global assessments. The report flags the interlinkages between our environmental and development challenges and describes the roles of all...

Food system impacts on biodiversity loss

This paper explores the role of the global food system as the principal driver of accelerating biodiversity loss. It explains how food production is degrading or destroying natural habitats and contributing to species extinction.

Tackling the feral cat pandemic: a plan to save Australian wildlife

This inquiry sought to examine the prevalence and impact of feral, stray and domestic cats, and the effectiveness of various legislative, regulatory and collaborative responses across Australian jurisdictions.

The economics of biodiversity: the Dasgupta review

This global review calls for changes in how we think, act and measure economic success to protect and enhance our prosperity and the natural world and provides a new framework to account for nature in economics and decision-making.

Independent Review of the EPBC Act: final report

The Australian Federal Environment Minister appointed Professor Graeme Samuel AC to conduct this Independent Review of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 in October 2019. This is the final report of the review.

Regulatory priorities 2020–2021

As the Conservation Regulator enters its second year of operation, the events of the last year have shown us that it is more important than ever we protect our state’s natural environment so we can enjoy it today and protect it for future generations.
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Planning under-empowerment and urban over-development in inner Sydney

Exploring the way in which the exercise of power by developers, stemming from superior money-based resources, distorts planning processes, this paper looks at how urban over-development can occur even when planning controls to limit development to levels acceptable to the community are in place.
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Law and governance for the biodiverse city

This paper suggests that Australia’s existing environmental laws and regulations are inadequate to protect biodiversity when it comes in direct competition with determined urban expansion.
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Sustainable green systems in the urban environment

This paper examines the complex issue of creating sustainable green systems and protecting biodiversity within the built environment.

Australia’s biosecurity future

This report provides a transformational vision for a resilient biosecurity system in 2030, and the system changes that can be made to get there.