Discussion paper

Discussion paper: Disclosure standards for election and political polling in Australia

This is an initial discussion paper issued by the Inquiry Panel formed by the Association of Market and Social Research Organisations (AMSRO) in collaboration with the Statistical Society of Australia (SSA), to review the performance of the opinion polls at the 2019 Australian federal election.
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Would a vote among under 30s possibly deliver a Greens PM?

Greens Leader Richard Di Natale claims identity politics is breaking down and that a vote among people under the age of 30 could deliver a Greens prime minister.
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Fact Check: NSW election: Get the facts behind the claims

During the New South Wales election campaign both major parties have made claims in key policy battlegrounds. But how much of what the leaders claim checks out?
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Fact Check: Is the Government not yet in caretaker mode?

In response to accusations the Government was holding a defence industry roundtable during an election campaign, Industry Minister Christopher Pyne claimed that caretaker mode had not yet started.
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Fact Check: Did the Liberal Party lose a million votes last election?

Senator for South Australia Cory Bernardi sought to justify his defection from the Liberal Party by claiming the party's support at the last election had dropped by 1 million votes. But is he correct?
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Fact Check: Did some crossbench Senators get more votes than Government ministers in 2013?

In response to claims that independent and minor-party senators gained more personal votes than Government ministers in 2013, Fact Check asks whether below-the-line votes can be used as a measure of "personal" support.

Lessons in resilience: Canada's digital media ecosystem and the 2019 election

Researchers, policy-makers and the public at large are paying more attention to the threats that disinformation and other forms of online media manipulation pose to democratic institutions and political life. Coming after a number of international elections where disinformation was a serious problem, the authors...

Interim report on all aspects of the conduct of the 2019 federal election and matters related thereto

The International Grand Committee is an example of countries coming together to share, learn and ultimately create change for the better. The recommendations of this report are just the beginning of tackling the threat of foreign interference and disinformation.
Literature review

Literature review on elections, political campaigns and democracy

This literature review looks at how scholars have theorised the influence of digital technology on democracy. The report summarises scholarly texts on a few key topics including: political communication theory in a digital age, surveillance and privacy, algorithms and bias, the attention economy and historical...

The untold story of American non-voters

This report is a summary of what has been learned through interviews, both quantitative and qualitative, with more than 14,000 voting-eligible Americans. The result is multilevel snapshot of non-voting America one year out from the 2020 presidential election.