ASPI–KAS 4th Australia–Europe Counter-Terrorism Dialogue - ‘Shifting frontiers: addressing post-caliphate terrorism dynamics’

In October 2018, a delegation of counterterrorism (CT) practitioners, policymakers and academics travelled from Europe to Australia to participate in the 4th Australia–Europe Counterterrorism Dialogue. This report covers the key themes of the dialogue, which were deliberately chosen to reflect contemporary trends.
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Muslim scholar says the burqa isn't Islamic

Is Pauline Hanson's latest stunt, wearing a burqa into parliament, the start of a serious debate?

Islamic studies syllabus needed for Muslim students

Islamic schools across Australia want to introduce a curriculum model which empowers students to become confident young Australian Muslims.

Social cohesion in Bendigo: understanding community attitudes to the mosque in 2015

This report, commissioned by the Victorian Multicultural Commission, examines the Bendigo mosque protests in 2016.

Explainer: what Islam actually says about domestic violence

There is a common misunderstanding that one particular Qur’anic verse perpetuates violence against women, writes Nada Ibrahim.
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Aussies and Islamophobia: defying stereotypes

You might recall last September, a poll by Essential Media found 49% of Australians supported a ban on Muslims immigrating to Australia. The result so shocked Peter Lewis, the respected pollster who runs Essential, that he ran the question a second time. But as he...
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Towards the formulation of a pedagogical framework for Islamic schools in Australia

During the last 30 years ‘Islamic’ or Muslim schools have sprung up in Europe, North America and Australia. Reasons for the establishment of these schools generally pertain to Islamic faith and quality of education. Parents desire their children to be positive participants in, and contributors...

The condemnation of ISIS by the Qur'an and legal prohibition is absolute: so why keep blaming Islam?

There has been relentless media criticism of Islam and Muslims since the terrorist attacks in Paris last week. Since then, we have heard of an increased level of physical and verbal abuse hurled at Australian Muslims. We have been overwhelmed by calls from parents complaining...
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Towards authentic behaviour management models for Islamic schools: a framework synthesizing research

The purpose of learning in Islamic schools should be to facilitate transformation on the path to ma’rifatu'Llah. Transformation over compliance would therefore best characterise those behaviour management models most appropriate for Islamic schools. But unfortunately, behaviour management models are often adopted in Islamic schools without...