Mobile phones


Use of mobile phones to buy and sell illicit drugs

This study explores how police detainees in Australia use mobile phones within the illicit drug market.
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Disconnect: Killswitch

When you live in a place with mobile phone reception you can switch off your device, but the network stays on. But what if you wanted the whole thing switched off? In some remote Australian communities, it can be.
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Disconnect: The dish

If you’ve driven through the Northern Territory lately you may have seen these structures, always in places where there is no mobile phone reception. No reception, that is, until you rest your phone on one of these bush hotspots.
Draft report

Domestic mobile terminating access service declaration inquiry: draft report

The ACCC has released this draft report for the mobile terminating access service declaration inquiry. The ACCC proposes to continue the declaration of voice mobile terminating access services for a further five years and remove the declaration of SMS mobile terminating access services.

Mobile nation 2019: the 5G future

This report examines the impact of mobile technologies on productivity in the Australian economy and the importance of mobile technologies in enabling workforce participation and productivity.

Mobile connectivity in emerging economies

After more than a decade of studying the spread and impact of digital life in the United States, Pew Research Center has intensified its exploration of the impact of online connectivity among populations in emerging economies – where the prospect of swift cultural change propelled...

From robo calls to spam texts: annoying campaign tricks that are legal

Spamming in texts or by robo-calls may seem perverse, but it's unlikely to disappear. Here are some things you can expect leading up to the May election, and why they're allowed.
Discussion paper

Public inquiry into the declaration of the Domestic Mobile Terminating Access Service: discussion paper

The Mobile Terminating Access Service (MTAS) is a wholesale service that allows consumers on different mobile networks to make calls or send SMS to each other. The ACCC has released this discussion paper inviting submissions on whether the MTAS should continue to be declared and...

Interface, information and interaction: An exploration of mobile augmented reality present and future

This paper helps outline the current state of mobile augmented reality technology from the overlapping perspectives of interface, information and interaction. Information in this paper is based on a review of industry and academic sources during April-July 2012. First we examine MAR technology from an...

Funding mobile strategies for social impact: the future is now

This report ramps up the conversation on how to support nonprofits in using mobile to move their mission. It is difficult to overstate the opportunities for engagement and social impact via mobile strategies - 87% of the world's population are now mobile phone users. Yet...