Discussion paper

Rights, morals, dignity: why defending religious freedom matters

This paper advances the argument that behind any rights claim lies a moral claim, and that this moral claim is essentially a claim about human dignity. The paper also argues that defending religious freedom is important because it amounts to defending fundamental claims people wish...

23049 | Cosmopolitan social democracy

We need to mobilise a positive alternative to the fear, anger and tribalism on offer from the right, argues John Quiggin.

76037 | Media Diversity Australia

Media Diversity Australia is a nationwide, not-for-profit organisation, that seeks to promote balanced representation in Australian media that reflects the community it serves.

Mapping social cohesion: the Scanlon Foundation surveys 2019

This report presents the findings of the twelfth Scanlon Foundation Mapping Social Cohesion national survey, conducted in July-August 2019.

Australia’s multicultural advantage

Our immigration success story didn’t happen by accident — but is it under threat?

Research note: Asian-Australian experiences of discrimination

The data from a recent ANU poll suggest that Asian-Australians experience high rates of discrimination, that the general population believes this to be the case, and that at least some of this discrimination relates to gaining leadership positions. However, there is not large support for...

The economic benefits of improving social inclusion

The Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) commissioned Deloitte Access Economics to quantify the economic dividend from improving social inclusion in Australia, in order to help shape its future policies and strategies for delivering on its Charter. This report outlines the findings.
Working paper

Cognitive and non-cognitive abilities of immigrants: new perspectives on migrant quality from a selective immigration country

This study sheds light on migrant quality in Australia using nationally representative survey data.

Victorian government report in multicultural affairs 2017-18

This report highlights the results of the initiatives undertaken by the Victorian government in 2017-18 to provide for the state's diverse communities and improve social cohesion and participation.
Journal article

Australian mythical landscape and the desire of non-English-speaking immigrants

This paper investigates new ways in which recent generations of immigrants to Australia are using urban park spaces. It focuses on cultural and mythical notions of Australian park landscapes and questions to what extent they contribute to the sense of inclusivity, or alienation, that non-English-speaking...