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Discussion paper

Ethnic divides in schooling

This discussion paper examines the impact of increasing cultural diversity on our education system in two main arenas: firstly, variation of educational outcomes of LBOTE students and, secondly, enrolment in schools.
Policy report

Our plan to back our multicultural communities

National Party policy document outlining their plans for supporting multiculturalism in Australia.

New Zealand statement to the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation emergency meeting

Statement delivered by NZ Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters to the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation Emergency Meeting on the Christchurch terror attack.

Actions to support older culturally and linguistically diverse people

Everyone in Australia has the right to access quality, inclusive and culturally safe aged care services that cater to their individual needs and respects their background and life experiences. The Australian Government has published the Aged Care Diversity Framework and a series of action plans...

Australian Council of TESOL Associations (ACTA) national strategy for language in education and training

Language is a fundamental resource for all learning and a means by which Australia can achieve outcomes in educational excellence, equity, Indigenous reconciliation and social cohesion.
Conference paper

Representation of multiculturalism in urban green spaces

Rapid population influx due to migration in Australia has produced diverse cultural landscapes, which become visible in cities as physical forms, settings and symbols produced by different ethnic communities. Scholars have argued that people moving away from the country of their birth, whether this be...
Conference paper

Design and management of street in multicultural societies

Public spaces are seen as expressions of the local community and, in many instances, of the wider society in which they exist. Streets bring people together as they travel from place to place, using the street as its most common function, that of movement. Because...

Engaging Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities in parliamentary inquiries

The overall aim of this work was to inform parliaments, and in particular parliamentary committees, of the strategies that could be developed to better engage CALD communities in the work of future parliamentary inquiries.
Discussion paper

Success in diversity: the strength of Australia’s multiculturalism

Australia is often referred to as the ‘most successful multicultural country on earth.' But what does this really mean? How is this success measured? This report provides some answers.
Policy report

Mapping migrants: Australians’ wide-ranging experiences of immigration

This policy paper continues the discussion started in Australian attitudes to immigration: coming apart or common ground? It finds that, statistically, the wealth of the suburb we live in can have a major impact on the type of interaction we may have with migrants.