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Fair trade regulation
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National consumer protection framework for online wagering: baseline study - final report

The aim of this study was to establish base levels of online wagering involvement, the prevalence of risky gambling behaviour, and levels of online wagering consumer harm, ahead of the full implementation of the National Framework. The baseline study sets a benchmark to inform future...

Surveillance giants: how the business model of Google and Facebook threatens human rights

Google and Facebook help connect the world and provide crucial services to billions. However, this report argues that their surveillance-based business model is inherently incompatible with the right to privacy and poses a threat to a range of other rights, including freedom of opinion and...

Data (R)Evolution: consumer welfare and growth in the digital economy

This speech, by ACCC Chair Rod Sims, given to the Consumer Policy Research Conference (CPRC) Conference, suggests that takeovers of smaller rivals by digital platforms, including their data sets, may pose a threat to consumers’ choice and privacy.
Working paper

Risky data: the combined effect of framing, trust and risk preferences on the intended participation in the Consumer Data Right

The Consumer Data Right (CDR) aims to give Australian customers a right to access data about them held by businesses, and also to share this information with accredited and trusted third parties of their choice. This paper argues that one of the potential barriers to...

Economic regulation of airports

This report examines whether current regulatory arrangements constrain the ability of airport operators to exercise their market power over passengers and airlines through unduly high charges, poor service quality, or both.
Discussion paper

ACCC inquiry into NBN access pricing: discussion paper

On 14 October 2019, the ACCC commenced a public inquiry into the prices that NBN Co charges access seekers to use the National Broadband Network (NBN) for supplying residential grade broadband services. This discussion paper outlines the key issues for the inquiry and seeks stakeholder...

Can the world economy find a new leader?

This paper examines the governance problems in the monetary system and global trade and regulation. It then explores whether issues have arisen because the US has given up its dominant role, and if so, how these might be rectified.
Discussion paper

Reforms to the sale of add-on insurance products

This paper outlines the Australian government’s proposed industry-wide deferred sales model for add-on insurance products and seeks targeted feedback from stakeholders.
Draft report

Customer loyalty schemes: draft report

The purpose of this report is to highlight the consumer and competition issues associated with customer loyalty schemes to educate consumers and to inform the industry of the ACCC’s concerns with certain practices.

Australian loyalty schemes: a Loyalty & Reward Co report for the ACCC

The ACCC commissioned the following report from an industry expert, Loyalty & Reward Co., to help inform its analysis of customer loyalty schemes.

Restoring trust in Australia's financial system

The Morrison Government has released this strategy document to set out how the government will deliver on its response to the Royal Commission. The roadmap provides timelines for implementing the federal government's response, in an attempt to provide some clarity and certainty to consumers, the...
Policy report

Effectiveness of policy interventions relating to the illegal and unsustainable wildlife trade

This policy report summarises the findings of an investigation into the effectiveness of policy interventions addressing illegal and unsustainable wildlife trade, including legislative and enforcement measures, measures to influence consumer behaviour, trade policy responses and engagement of local communities.

The Digital Platforms Inquiry: Melbourne Press Club speech

In this speech to the Melbourne Press Club, ACCC Chair, Rod Sims, covers the key findings and recommendations from the recent Digital Platforms inquiry, particularly issues relevant to media businesses.

Digital Platforms Inquiry: final report

The dominance of the leading digital platforms and their impact across Australia’s economy, media and society must be addressed with significant and holistic reform, according to this final report of the ACCC’s Digital Platforms Inquiry.
Discussion paper

Retirement villages - exit entitlements and recurrent charges cap: discussion paper

This discussion paper outlines reforms to address exit entitlements and recurrent charges in retirement villages.

What's the risk? Access to insurance for people living with health conditions

This report identifies the opportunity for further ongoing collaborative work between insurers and industry representatives, consumers and advocates, and government and regulatory bodies, to improve the insurance experiences of people living with health conditions.

Why the gig economy needs to adopt digital IDs

This articlr is aboug Digital ID as a solution to the verifying drivers, handymen, and independent workers and others participating in the gig economy marketplace. Digital ID can be authenticated remotely over digital channels. That means platforms like Uber, Task Rabbit, and Fiverr could verify...

Updating the regulatory frameworks for embedded networks

The AEMC has published this final report that proposes a package of law and rule changes to update the regulatory frameworks for embedded networks. Once implemented, the proposed framework will result in better protections and access to more competitive retail offers for consumers in embedded...

Guide to the electricity retail code

The ACCC promotes, monitors and enforces compliance with the Competition and Consumer (Industry Code—Electricity Retail) Regulations 2019 (the Code). As part of this role, the ACCC has published this guide for electricity retailers. The code comes into force on 1 July 2019.

Rod Sims' address to the 2019 Competition Law Conference

Transcript of ACCC Chair, Rod Sims' addresses the 2019 Competition Law Conference, discussing the merger regime in relation to digital platforms.