Screen and broadcasting

Policy report

Media policy statement: green paper response and next steps

The Australian government has released this media policy statement, which outlines a range of measures to progress reforms to the media sector. The statement represents the government’s response to the reform green paper process that was initiated in late 2020.
Working paper

Australian Television Drama Index, 1999-2019

This paper examines changes in the production and commissioning of Australian television drama from 1999–2019, a period marked by notable changes in the business of television in Australia and globally.
Discussion paper

Media reform green paper: modernising television regulation in Australia

This discussion paper outlines the Australian government's next stage of proposed media reforms, to support the Australian media industry and to enhance the range and quality of services and content available nationally. Submissions to this paper are due by 23 May 2021.

More news is good news: the case against restricting broadcast journalism

In light of the issues presented by ACMA’s inquiry and the debate around news and the media more broadly, this report outlines the case against further regulation of broadcasting, as well as several recommendations on the way in which policy-makers can create a stronger news...
Discussion paper

Impartiality and commercial influence in broadcast news

Quality news is essential for effective participation in democracy and civil society. Ongoing disruption to the media environment has raised concerns over the integrity of news in both online and traditional news sources. This paper flags issues of impartiality and commercial influence as key areas...

Review of Australian Broadcasting Services in the Asia Pacific

The objective of this review is to assess the reach of Australia’s media in the Asia Pacific region, including examining whether shortwave radio technology should be used.

Renewing creative Australia: Labor's arts and cultural policy in detail

This resource outlines the ALP's proposed arts and cultural policy for 2019 and beyond.

Measuring excellence in screen production research

This document seeks to make a contribution to the field through crystallising key positions and taking a stance in ongoing conversations that consider how we measure quality in creative practice research.

Media ownership and regulation: a chronology part 2 - 1972 to 1995: moguls, miscreants and new regulatory brooms

This chronology is the second of a series which traces the story of media ownership concentration and control in Australia since 1901. The chronology in general focusses on government policies and regulations that have responded to, or attempted to pre-empt, a trend towards concentration that...

Online and on demand 2017: trends in Australian online viewing habits

This report is designed to help the industry understand its audience, and to inform anyone interested in the place that screen stories have in a modern, online Australia.

Broadcasting Standards Authority: statement of intent 2017-2021

This strategy document sets out what the Broadcasting Standards Authority intends to achieve or contribute to over the next four years and how it will manage its functions and operations to meet its intentions.
Annual Report

Australian Communications and Media Authority: annual report 2016-2017

This report includes the 2016–17 annual reports for the Australian Communications and Media Authority and the Office of the eSafety Commissioner.

Screen production research reporting: an ASPERA scoping report

This report was commissioned by the Australian Screen Production Education and Research Association (ASPERA) and conducted by its Research Sub-Committee, for the beneft of the ASPERA community in Australia and other screen/media education and research communities internationally. It provides an overview of current working environments...
Briefing paper

Losing the plot: Do multicultural ghettos inside our film, TV and stage industries affect how culturally diverse communities see themselves?

ECCV is the peak policy advocacy organisation for ethnic and multicultural groups in Victoria and consults with communities when their voices are not heard in the policy process. In October 2016 ECCV consulted with culturally diverse actors, writers, directors and stage professionals in partnership with...
Annual Report

Australian Communications and Media Authority and Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner annual reports 2015−16

This annual report contains details of the ACMA’s and the Office’s performance for 2015–16 and outlines the joint nature of this report and where the ACMA and the Office share resources or corporate support.

Practical strategies for increasing cultural diversity in broadcast media

Media is a mirror society holds up to itself. Media records our lives and the world around us through news and factual content; it explores our hopes and fears, demons and desires, through creative content. When media represents the stories of only part of a...
Annual Report

Australian Communications and Media Authority: annual report 2014-2015

Annual report of the Commonwealth of Australia communications and broadcasting regulatory authority: the Australian Communications and Media Authority

Enabling audience participation and collective content generation through urban media as a diagnostic method in urban planning

Interaction design is something perhaps few people think about. Yet it is one of our most important areas of research. The world is now changed every few years by information and communication technologies, and it is interaction design that has to make these changes work...

Heartland - why the bush needs its ABC

Overview Regional media is viewed as an essential democratic institution by regional Australians, with 95 per cent accessing some type of local content each week. Regional media is an important source of news, weather, and emergency information. It also contributes to a sense of community...

Context and decisions regarding the appearance of Mr Zaky Mallah on the ABC's Q&A program on 22 June 2015

Summary of Investigation Report Nature of Investigation On 22 June 2015, Mr Zaky Mallah joined the live audience of the Q&A program produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). Mr Mallah asked a question and subsequently engaged in a short debate with the panel. On...

Spectrum review: report

The report outlines recommended changes to improve Australia's spectrum management framework. The report is the result of the review conducted by the Department of Communications in conjunction with the Australian Communications and Media Authority and included extensive stakeholder consultation. On 25 August 2015 the Government...

Television 2025: reconsidering small screen media in Australia

What might television and video look like in a year’s time, in a few years’ time, in a decade? We came up with 20 questions and put them to 25 people. Between November 2014 and April 2015, we interviewed those 25 people from free-to-air and...
Fact sheet

Screen industry: 2013/14

New Zealand screen industry revenue was $3.155 billion, up $7 million from 2013. Key facts
Annual Report

Australian Communications and Media Authority: annual report 2013-2014

Annual report of the Commonwealth of Australia communications and broadcasting regulatory authority: the Australian Communications and Media Authority
Discussion paper

Spectrum review: potential reform directions

The purpose of this review is to ensure Australia's spectrum policy and management framework framework will serve the country well into the future, and to examine what policy and regulatory changes are needed to meet current challenges. Introduction On 23 May 2014 the Minister for...