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Nutrition counselling
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Effects of food policy actions on Indigenous peoples’ nutrition-related outcomes: a systematic review

There has been no systematic synthesis of the evidence of effectiveness of food and nutrition policies for Indigenous peoples around the world. This review fills that gap.

Developing a consensus statement on healthy eating and active living: VicHealth guide to best practice

There’s an urgent need for the government and health organisations to collaborate and turn the tide on childhood obesity. In response, VicHealth convened a roundtable of nine key organisations in 2017 to develop a consensus statement on healthy eating and active living.

Turning the tables: making healthy choices easier for consumers

This report exploring public attitudes towards healthy eating finds that the food market in the UK is not working for consumers, with too many in the UK facing significant barriers to eating healthy diets.

Results from the 2018-19 National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Survey (NATSIHS)

This summary provides detailed state and territory tables and facts sheets using data from the 2018-19 National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Survey.
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Applying community-based system dynamics to address food insecurity in non-remote Indigenous populations in Australia

This article aims to identify the relation to traditional food from an Aboriginal perspective and the enablers and barriers to accessing traditional food post-relocation from remote regions of the Northern Territory, Australia, to the urban city of Darwin.
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Nutrition Justice: uncovering invisible pathways to malnutrition

This article describes how the effects of historical and contemporary structural violence on the nutritional ecology of childhood are mediated using the examples of remote Aboriginal Australia and the Lao People's Democratic Republic.

Summary of nutrition among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

This publication is a plain language summary that provides a comprehensive overview of key information on food, diet and nutritional health among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia.
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Policies influencing the provision of healthy food and drinks in local government‐owned sport and recreation facilities in Victoria, Australia

This study assessed the policies, attitudes and practices of local governments in Victoria, Australia, relating to obesity prevention and the provision of healthy food in their sporting facilities.

The state of Indonesian food security and nutrition

Despite impressive economic growth and poverty reduction, Indonesia’s food security still faces significant difficulties. To overcome these difficulties, policies that support rural development, improve agricultural incomes, lower food prices, increase nutritional diversity and encourage healthier eating patterns will be required.

Global food and water security in 2050: demographic change and increased demand

Ensuring that there is enough food to supply the demand that is expected to accompany population growth to 2050 is one of the major challenges of this century.