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The two Australias: the talkers versus the doers

The broader context for this research is the significant structural changes that have taken place across the Australian economy over the past 100 years. These changes are often discussed in the context of Australia industrialising away from its agrarian base, then de-industrialising in the shift...
Discussion paper

Financial conditions and downside risk to economic activity in Australia

The key finding in this paper is that financial conditions provide useful information about downside risks to GDP and employment growth, and upside risks to the unemployment rate. That is, when financial conditions are extremely restrictive, the risks of very bad outcomes for these variables...

Economic performance of Australia's cities and regions 2018-2019

For almost a decade, SGS Economics have published this report to fill a void in economic policy research. The report shows estimates of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for each major city and region in Australia.
Working paper

Nowcasting Australia’s Gross Domestic Product

'Nowcasting' is the prediction of the current state of the economy based on a range of partial indicators before the official economic statistics are released. It assists in the early identification of ‘turning points’ or significant shifts in momentum in the economy.
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Fact Check: Is Australia's tax to GDP ratio lower now than it was throughout the Howard years?

Top former bureaucrat Michael Keating, who argues Australia should lift taxes to avoid a budget blowout linked to the ageing population, claims the ratio of tax to gross domestic product is lower now than it was under the Howard Government.

NSW economic update summer 2018

Presents a current snapshot of the NSW economy and provides relevant points of comparison with other Australian states and territories.

Economic analysis of Papua New Guinea

This paper analyses Papua New Guinea's economy by considering macroeconomic stability as well as fiscal policy and debt.

International investment Australia 2016

Provides a detailed snapshot of the latest trends in Australia’s international investment position.

NSW economic update winter 2017

The Winter 2017 edition of the NSW Economic Update presents a current snapshot of the NSW economy and provides relevant points of comparison with other Australian States and Territories.

Australian cities accounts 2015-16

Australian cities are orphans. Responsibilities for management of their economy (in terms of taxation, planning, infrastructure provision, regulation and economic development) fall between all tiers of government. Official statistics tend not to recognise the importance of cities, with economic data often not published at that...
Journal article

Is decoupling GDP growth from environmental impact possible?

This research demonstrates growth in GDP ultimately cannot be decoupled from growth in material and energy use. It argues for discarding GDP growth as the goal in favor of more comprehensive measures of societal wellbeing.

NSW economic update Winter 2016

Overview The Winter 2016 edition of the NSW Economic Update presents a current snapshot of the NSW economy and provides relevant points of comparison with other Australian States and Territories. NSW continued to be one of the best performing States in Australia over the last...

NSW economic update Autumn 2016

Summary According to the Commonwealth Bank, since the beginning of 2016 NSW has been Australia’s top performing economy, slightly ahead of Victoria and maintaining a healthy lead over other States and Territories. The April 2016 State of the States report found that NSW holds top...

NSW economic update Summer 2016

Summary The housing market has been the driving force behind the NSW economy’s recent resurgence – driving dwelling investment, generating wealth and catalysing household consumption growth. The first half of the year saw the median house price in Sydney breach the million dollar mark. Even...

NSW economic update spring 2015

House price rises have underpinned the continuation of positive headline economic results over the past year or so, flowing onto other areas of the NSW economy, in particular residential construction. Summary The continued surge in house prices was the major story to come out of...

Western Sydney: an economic profile - August 2015 update

This paper outlines key demographic and economic facts and figures for Western Sydney. Australia’s third largest economy, Western Sydney is home to 47% of Sydney’s total population and produces 31% of Sydney’s Gross Regional Product. Overview Western Sydney is Australia’s third largest economy, housing 47%...

NSW economic update Winter 2015

Summary: The surge in house prices was the major story to come out of the State economy this quarter and was in the headlines most recently when the Domain Group reported that Sydney's median house price had “smashed through the magic $1 million mark” for...
Working paper

Do New Zealand firms catch up to the domestic productivity frontier?

Explores technological diffusion among New Zealand firms using a model of convergence in which a firm’s multi-factor productivity (MFP) growth depends on its ability to catch up to its industry’s productivity frontier.

Papua New Guinea in 2015: at a crosswords and beyond

The Papua New Guinea economy will record the highest GDP growth rate in the world in 2015 but will also formally fail to meet any of the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals in their deadline year. Overview This paper represents conclusions reached by thirty participants...

NSW economic update Autumn 2015

While the NSW economy is currently in a relatively strong headline position, largely off the back of the housing market, other areas of the State economy will need to perform over the longer run if economic growth and improved labour market outcomes are to be...