Conference paper

Rethinking citizenship and local planning to improve people’s participation: lessons learnt from the neighbourhood house experience

This paper explores tensions in the idea of citizenship from a theoretical stance and from a perspective anchored in the local experience of neighbourhood houses, and reminds us that being a citizen engaged in governance of a place is more difficult than the much more...
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Fact Check: Will the Government's new citizenship test demand a university-level standard of English?

Tony Burke, the Opposition spokesman for citizenship and multicultural Australia, claims a new language test proposed by the Government would demand the same level of English proficiency that is required for university admission — a standard too stringent
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Fact Check: How does Australia's plan to strip foreign fighters of citizenship compare to other nations?

Defending proposed changes to give him the power to strip Australian citizenship from dual nationals fighting with terrorist groups, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton claims Australia is not "ahead of the pack" as countries such as the UK, US, New Zealand

Equality and Australian democracy

This paper explores how the struggle between the political rights of property and the political rights of the people shaped the design of Australian political institutions and how this legacy continues to affect Australian democracy. The principle of political equality, the idea that every person...
Discussion paper

Inquiry into nationhood, national identity and democracy: discussion paper

Some Australians report a growing sense that democracy is under threat. Around the world, voters seem increasingly dissatisfied with how democratic politics works for them. This paper discusses the current landscape and some of the relevant emerging trends.

Modi’s manifesto promise: Assam National Register of Citizens has implications for all of India

This paper examines the operation of the Assam National Register of Citizens (NRC) and draws attention to the diversity of illegal migrants who were not awarded citizenship.
Journal article

The need for a complexity informed active citizenship education program

This paper discusses a research project that aimed to determine and increase the impact of an active citizenship education program that incorporates education for sustainability principles.

Diversity, global citizenship and the culturally responsive school

In this chapter, Robert Hattam explores notions of citizenship and global citizenship through the prism of the culturally responsive school.

Rethinking the Cook Islands’ free association agreement with NZ: Part 1

The free association arrangement between New Zealand and the Cook Islands is a pivotal force behind the movement of Cook Islanders between the two countries. Part of the Cooks’ way of life is understanding and leveraging the different opportunities that exist across the Cook Islands...

Rethinking the Cook Islands’ free association agreement with NZ: Part 2

This is part two of a two-part paper, written by Evelyn in her capacity as a consultant on international development issues. The paper began as a panel discussion on sovereignty movements in the Pacific Islands at the Jahrestagung des Pazifik-Netzwerks, and introduces the free association...