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Trust and productivity growth - an empirical analysis

Policymakers concerned about the slowdown in productivity growth since the mid-2000s should consider the role of trust or social capital.
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Conceptual foundations for a new lean BIM-based production system in construction

To prove whether productivity deficiencies in construction can be improved, a new lean BIM-based production system is designed to assess the hypothesis that a true integration of BIM functionalities with the Last Planner System will contribute to a more efficient project delivery. This paper discusses...
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Fact Check: How fast are wages, productivity really growing in Australia?

The president of the Australian Council of Trade Unions, Ged Kearney, claims wages in Australia have been at their lowest rate of growth in decades and labour productivity is the highest it's been in decades.
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Fact Check: Global competitiveness, government regulation and productivity growth: Where does Australia rank?

Prime Minister Tony Abbott claims Australia is ranked 21st in global competitiveness, 128th when it comes to burden of government regulation and second last in productivity growth.
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The evolution of lean construction education (part 1 of 2): At US-based universities

Effectively transferring lean knowledge and skills to owners, architects, engineers, and constructors (OAEC) requires behavioral changes within an industry that has been legitimately criticized for entrenched practices and low productivity. Documenting how successful that knowledge transfer is taking place can be helpful to those wishing...
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Leveraging advanced VDC methods and reality capture to increase the predictability for prefabrication

Construction processes happen in partially controlled environment; resulting in prefabricated components being vulnerable to variances resulting from deviation in quality of work put in place. However, wider adoption of VDC methods and advances in Reality Capture technology has opened up avenues for adopting prefabrication in...
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Reducing Variability of Workforce as a Tool to Improve Plan Reliability

Variability of flow is recognized as one of the greatest obstacles to production management. Since the work flow and labour flow are two dominators of work performance, it is important to manage them simultaneously. The objective of this paper is to examine if an increased...
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BIM-integrated construction operation simulation for just-in-time production management

Traditional construction planning, which depends on historical data and heuristic modification, prevents the integration of managerial details such as productivity dynamics. Specifically, the distance between planning and execution brings cost overruns and duration extensions. To minimize variations, this research presents a Building Information Modeling (BIM)-integrated...

Towards agile engineering of mechatronic systems in machinery and plant construction

Agile procedures (e.g. Scrum) are commonly used in rapidly changing environments of software engineering. Experts appreciate improvements in interdisciplinary collaboration, lead times and development costs by applying agile techniques as artifacts, meetings, roles and visualisation methods. Up to now, the use of agile procedures is...
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A relook at plan reliability measurements in lean construction and new metrics from digitized practical implementation

Lean construction is increasingly being adopted in many countries as a means to improve construction project performance and productivity. Measuring the various improvements towards achieving the outcomes of reliability, preparedness, commitment and collaborative culture is crucial for a sustained successful practical implementation of Lean. Among...