65610 | Social investment: chance for a mentality shift

This paper explores the New Zealand Government’s thinking around its Social Investment approach form the perspective of an experienced political journalist and commentator. It updates the author’s June 2015 Institute for Governance and Policy Studies working paper [James 2015] in the light of subsequent policy...

65040 | Corporate governance principles and recommendations (3rd ed.)

Following a comprehensive review in 2012-13, the 21 members of the ASX Corporate Governance Council (“Council”) agreed that it was an appropriate time to issue a third edition of the Principles and Recommendations. The changes in the third edition reflect global developments in corporate governance...

124606 | About Private Mortgage Investment

Investors and Borrowers have used private mortgages as an investment and for funding in Western Australia for over 100 years.

Global trends in renewable energy investment 2019

This report has tracked trends and opportunities in the sector since 2004 and shows that global investment in renewable energy capacity hit US$272.9 billion in 2018, far outstripping investments in new fossil fuel generation.

Maximising your investment: using rating tools to attract sustainable finance for real estate

Sustainable finance has been an area of interest to the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) for some time. NABERS have been closely monitoring green bond issuances in the property sector and are encouraged by the uptake of sustainable finance solutions many customers are...

Policies for a resilient net zero emissions economy

Climate change is a systematic risk to investment returns, financial stability, communities and economies. The decisions that governments, investors, companies and individuals make today will have a material impact on the superannuation returns of millions of Australians and New Zealanders. A managed transition to net...

Incentivizing responsible and secure innovation: principles and guidance for investors

This report proposes an innovative focus on cybersecurity incentives for the investment community. It proposes principles for investors that will raise their internal cybersecurity awareness and offers a framework enabling investors to assess the cybersecurity preparedness of their target company.
Annual Report

Renewables 2019: global status report

This report provides an overview of the renewable energy markets, investments and policies around the world, based on evidence from 2018.
Discussion paper

A history of Australian equities

This paper presents stylised facts about the historical Australian equity market, drawn from a new hand-collected unit record dataset on listed companies from 1917 to 1979.
Discussion paper

Investing in (and for) our future

This paper focuses on recommendations for policy-makers, sponsors of retirement plans and members of the asset management community that provide services to the retirement industry.