Conference paper

Audit of economic security as an effective tool to prevent corruption in a construction company

An audit of economic security helps to prevent corruption, as well as an assessment of awareness in the struggle against corruption. Audit can promote the implementation of ways to protect the economy of the construction industry against corruption. The authors pay special attention to the...

Water audit guidance for commercial buildings

Energy audits have been conducted for many years, and there is a well-established cohort of service providers trained to perform them in accordance with standards developed by ASHRAE and others. These standards define the process and quality of work that should be achieved for energy...

Investing in vocational education and training

This audit examined whether the Queensland Department of Employment, Small Business and Training is achieving successful learning and employment outcomes through its public and private providers.

Farm Management Deposits Scheme

The objective of the audit was to assess whether the Australian Taxation Office and the Department of Agriculture have effectively administered the Farm Management Deposits (FMD) Scheme.

Managing the municipal and industrial landfill levy

This audit provides an independent assessment of, and insights into, whether the landfill levy system is being managed transparently and is meeting its intended legislative objectives.

The Victorian government ICT dashboard

This audit examined whether transparency in government information and communications technology (ICT) investments has improved since the development of the Victorian government ICT dashboard.

Strategic audit plan 2018-21

The Queensland Audit Office (QAO) is required to prepare and publish by 30 June each year a three-year strategic audit plan (SAP) which shapes and drives its program of performance audits. Its 2018–21 SAP is the culmination of its ongoing efforts to understand the challenges...

Funding models for threatened species management

This audit assessed the effectiveness of the Department of the Environment and Energy’s design of the Threatened Species Prospectus.

Design and governance of the National Water Infrastructure Development Fund

This audit examined the National Water Infrastructure Development Fund, assessing whether it has an appropriate design process and a sound governance framework.

Defence’s procurement of fuels, petroleum, oils, lubricants, and card services

This audit assessed whether Defence achieves value for money in the procurement of fuels.