Local government

Alternate Term Label:
City governance
Local council
Local and regional governments
Working paper

Initial specifications for a short form wellbeing outcomes survey

The paper presents initial specifications for the development of a short form wellbeing outcomes survey that local government and service provider organisations can use for targeted data collection about wellbeing

Adaptation to sea-level rise: Local government liability issues

This paper addresses the legal frameworks and rules about what local and regional councils in New Zealand can and cannot do to adapt to the coastal hazards associated with sea-level rise and climate change.

Investigation into three councils’ outsourcing of parking fine internal reviews

This investigation raises some fundamental issues about accountability and transparency. At least five councils outsourced internal reviews of parking fines to a private contractor over a period of 10 years.

Local government insights

This report explores the performance of New Zealand local government. It highlights the key lessons for both local and central government, and lays down a challenge to both sectors about what they need to get right, how to do things differently and the benefits of...

Policy, regulatory and market resources to create affordable housing

This report provides further information in relation to a list of policy, regulatory and market tools developed to assist territorial authorities who may wish to stimulate the supply of affordable housing within their jurisdictions.

Engaged communities: How community-led development can increase civic participation

Informed and engaged communities are central to a healthy democratic society. Engaged communities have high levels of community knowledge, cultural vibrancy, and civic participation. This report focuses on how local government can support different types of community.

Net zero momentum tracker: local government sector - Jan 2019

This report is part of a series focusing on major sectors of the Australian economy as part of the Net Zero Momentum Tracker initiative. The Tracker is designed to bring together and evaluate climate action commitments in order to help the banking sector build momentum...

Perceptions of corruption: survey of Victorian local government employees

This report outlines the responses of local government employees following research into their understanding of corruption, their perceptions of corruption and misconduct, attitudes to reporting corruption and misconduct, and attitudes towards preventing corruption.

Front and centre: putting social value at the heart of inclusive growth

The Social Value Act came into force in early 2013, requiring commissioning bodies to think about wider social and environmental benefits when procuring new services. This report explores the extent to which the Act has helped government, in particular local authorities, to deliver on their...

Revisiting councils and complaints

This report revisits an issue the Ombudsman first examined five years ago – how local councils handle complaints from the public. It looks at how councils have changed their practices and what more can be done to ensure they continue to improve their approach.