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Life expectancy



Life expectancy and disability in Australia 1988 to 2003

Life expectancy has increased markedly over the last century. Has the number of years lived with illness or disability fallen or risen as overall life expectancy has lengthened? This report explores this question, focusing on years lived with disability. The report updates previous estimates of...

Towards a credible poverty framework: from income poverty to deprivation

There have always been differences of view on what poverty means in conceptual terms, and even greater differences on how to measure it. These differences span a broad spectrum of normative and ideological positions and raise a number of technical issues surrounding the statistical measurement...

Life expectancy and disability in Australia: expected years living with and without disability

‘Life expectancy’ measures how many years, on average, a person of a given age can expect to live if current death rates do not change. While life expectancy is an important indicator of population health, people’s health and wellbeing are also increasingly being considered in...