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Conference proceedings

Conference on grey literature and repositories: proceedings 2015

The proceedings of the 8th year of the grey literature and repositories conference, held on 21st October 2015, in the National Library of Technology in Prague.

The power of observation: making research visible, accessible, and usable for the Asian digital economy

Research in digital form is now so abundant, in so many forms, on such a comprehensive array of topics, that it is somewhat surprising to find that while the Internet has done so much to make knowledge accessible, we still face numerous problems if we...
Journal article

Collecting the evidence: improving access to grey literature and data for public policy and practice

This article argues that digital collecting of public policy resources such as reports, discussion papers, evaluations and datasets (also known as grey literature) is low in Australia and, as a result, users find it difficult and time consuming to access the research resources they need.

Information and research for policy and practice: survey of collection and information services dataset

This survey aimed to gather data that would help understand how information and research produced by organsations on public interest issues is discovered, selected, catalogued and collected by libraries and other collecting organisations and services.

Public policy observatories in the Americas: A guide for their design and implementation in our public administrations

Public policy observatories are an initiative that some public administrations in the US and Europe have implemented to manage knowledge. The use of observatories enables public administrators to have greater information to design, develop, implement, and evaluate their public policies. This publication aims to foster...

Stewardship of the evolving scholarly record: from the invisible hand to conscious coordination

The scholarly record is increasingly digital and networked, while at the same time expanding in both the volume and diversity of the material it contains. The long-term future of the scholarly record cannot be effectively secured with traditional stewardship models developed for print materials. This...
Discussion paper

The need for ‘Diamond Engagement’ around open access to high quality research output

This paper advocates for a co-ordinated cultural shift in their engagement with access to resources in order to make peer-reviewed articles available to a wider audience.

The metric tide: report of the independent review of the role of metrics in research assessment and management

Executive summary This report presents the findings and recommendations of the Independent Review of the Role of Metrics in Research Assessment and Management. The review was chaired by Professor James Wilsdon, supported by an independent and multidisciplinary group of experts in scientometrics, research funding, research...

Directory of Open Access Repositories (OpenDOAR)

OpenDOAR is an authoritative directory of academic open access repositories.

Science, government, and information: The responsibilities of the technical community and the government in the transfer of information

A seminal paper on US government interest in the field of information science. The Weinberg report, as it is known, provided an impressive analysis of the many issues involved in ensuring that the abundance of scientific and technical information being produced in the US was...