Prison sentences


No place for a child: alternatives to imprisoning children in Cambodia

From July to October 2020, This Life conducted extensive research into the current status of the implementation of the Cambodian Law on Juvenile Justice. This document summarises the main findings of this research, noting that Cambodia has made slow, but significant, advances in juvenile justice...

Keeping communities at the centre of Justice Reinvestment

Justice Reinvestment programmes take many forms, but most share a simple aim - to redirect spending on criminal justice into social justice initiatives that strengthen communities and reduce social harms, including offending behaviours. This report explores the potential of Justice Reinvestment as an alternative to...
Working paper

A tale of two risks: risk assessments and treatment of two dangerous long-term New Zealand detainees

This paper compares two cases of long-term detention on the basis of claimed risks to public safety in New Zealand, a common law jurisdiction. It considers whether either of the men or both are reliably or adequately shown to be dangerous, given difficulties in risk...
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Are young Indigenous men more likely to end up in jail than university?

Promising to set targets to close the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in the justice system, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten claims a young Aboriginal man of 18 is more likely to end up in jail than university.

Time served prison sentences in Victoria

A 'time served prison sentence' is a sentence of imprisonment imposed on an offender where the length of imprisonment is equal to the amount of time that the offender has spent on remand in custody. This report analyses the proportion of prison sentences that were...

Inquiry into imprisonment and recidivism: final report

This inquiry examined ways to reduce the number of people flowing through Queensland’s prison system, whilst improving outcomes for the broader community. This final report outlines the Queensland Productivity Commission's findings.

Changes to sentencing law in Victoria: an overview of 2018

This overview summarises 10 key legislative changes to sentencing law in Victoria from 2018, including the introduction of standard sentences, Category A and B serious youth offences and youth control orders. It also looks at two judicial decisions that will affect the way that sentencing...
Draft report

Inquiry into imprisonment and recidivism: draft report

In September 2018, the Queensland government directed the Queensland Productivity Commission to undertake an inquiry into imprisonment and recidivism. This report summarises the commission's early findings and nominates areas where further information is sought.

Report on Government Services 2019 Justice: Chapter 8 - Corrective services

This chapter reports on prison custody and a range of community corrections orders and programs for adult offenders which are delivered separately by the eight states and territories.
Journal article

The Domestic Violence Protection Order system as entry to the criminal justice system for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

This research shows that a disproportionate number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) people are named on DVOs, charged with contraventions of DVOs and significantly more likely than non-Indigenous people to receive a sentence of imprisonment for a contravention of a DVO, compared to...