COVID-19: Ethical decision-making for First Peoples living with disability

These guidelines outline necessary principles and recommendations specific for First Peoples living with disability and how their treatment is prioritised and managed.
Discussion paper

Emergency planning and response: issues paper

Australia is currently in the midst of an unprecedented emergency with the COVID-19 pandemic, following the summer bushfire crisis. The purpose of this issues paper is to invite information from the public on emergency planning and response.

Audit of disability research in Australia update report 2017

The initial Audit of Disability Research in Australia was published online in July 2014, and included scientific and grey literature, government and non-government research reports. The current Audit of Disability Research in Australia Update Report 2017, hereafter referred to Audit Update 2017 was commissioned by...

Australian disability reform and political participation

The dynamics of disability social policy, political participation and communication rights are complex. Overview An epochal social policy reform in Australia is the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Much is to unfold concerning the realities of what the NDIS will offer Australians with disabilities, and...

The disability respite market

This publication is intended to help current and prospective providers of respite support and services in New Zealand to better understand the characteristics of the respite market in each region and areas of expected demand.

Transitional arrangements for the NDIS

The committee received a wealth of information and evidence throughout the inquiry. As a result, the committee has made twenty-six recommendations, which aim to ensure that improved and appropriate arrangements can be put in place to provide necessary and reasonable supports for all NDIS participants...

Mainstreaming captions for online lectures in higher education in Australia

Executive Summary Captions can be defined as the text version of speech and other sound in traditional audio visual media such as films, television, DVDs and online videos. Captions are usually provided to enhance audio content and are typically recognised as benefitting two main groups...

Decision-making controls for sustainability — National Disability Insurance Scheme Access

This audit assessed the effectiveness of controls being implemented or developed by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) to ensure National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) access decisions are consistent with legislative and other requirements

Evaluation of visual impairment activities in Pacific Island countries

The evaluation focused on support provided by MFAT over 2006 to 2015, and also considered support provided by other donors and development partners, as well as visual impairment activities led by Pacific governments.