Discussion paper

An Australian intellectual edge for conflict and competition in the 21st century

This paper provides insights into how the Australian Defence Force might apply its knowledge of a changing environment to more comprehensively address gaps in its software framework.
Briefing paper

Addressing Australia's vulnerability to weaponised narratives

In a time of endless globalised information flows, Australia must defend its democratic political discussion.

Oversight of intelligence agencies: a comparison of the 'Five Eyes' nations

Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States each have some combination of parliamentary/congressional, independent and judicial oversight of their intelligence agencies, in addition to accountability through the executive branch. However, there are differences in the nature and scope of each of...
Annual Report

Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security annual report 2016-2017

Outlines the activities the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security undertook during the past year to monitor Australia's six intelligence agencies.
Annual Report

ASIO report to parliament 2016-2017

This is the public version of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation's annual report, providing insight into ASIO’s outcomes and activities

The 2017 independent review of intelligence: views from The Strategist

The articles reprinted in this report give a range of perspectives on the recent Australian Intelligence Community (AIC) review and its recommendations.
Audio interview

'Not privy' to government discussions on new super ministry: L'Estrange

Intelligence review report author, Michael L'Estrange, says there is 'a logic' to new Home Affairs portfolio.
Audio interview

Super-portfolio deals with 'scourge of terrorism', not political: Dutton

The incoming Home Affairs Minister, Peter Dutton, insists his new super-portfolio is all about protecting Australia and not advancing political agendas.

2017 Independent intelligence review

This review examined the environment in which the intelligence community operates, and consider how effectively it serves Australia’s national interests.

Information operations and Facebook

Introduction Civic engagement today takes place in a rapidly evolving information ecosystem. More and more, traditional forums for discussion, the exchange of ideas, and debate are mirrored online on platforms like Facebook – leading to an increase in individual access and agency in political dialogue...