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Fact Check: Do WA's emergency health powers allow forcible testing, vaccination and removal of underwear of children?

A post shared widely on social media claimed that Western Australia had passed a "COVID-19 Emergency Powers Act" that authorised officers to forcibly test and vaccinate children at school, including removing their clothes. Verdict: Not the full story.
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Why is influenza vaccine uptake so low among Aboriginal adults?

This article explores the major barriers to, and facilitators of, influenza vaccination of Aboriginal adults, in order to improve coverage from the current level of 30%.
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Fact Check: Tony Abbott wrong on child immunisation rates

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott claims child immunisation rates have fallen under the Labor government.
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Fact Check: Are your chances of getting the flu after a vaccination only decreased by 1 to 2 per cent?

After unprecedented demand, the Government has been forced to order an additional 800,000 flu vaccines. But a professor of public health at Bond University has called into question the effectiveness of the vaccine, claiming it reduces the chance of gettin
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The most promising vaccines for COVID-19

This rapid research brief responds to the question - what are the most promising vaccines in development globally and nationally, and what are their mechanisms of action, their stage of development and their strengths and limitations?
Briefing paper

Regional bodies supporting national-level evidence-informed decision-making on vaccines

The Global Vaccine Action Plan aims for all countries to have access to a functioning National Immunization Technical Advisory Group (NITAG) to provide evidence-informed recommendations to national policy-makers on vaccine-related matters. The aim of this briefing note is to improve understanding of core aspects of...

Measles in Samoa: how a small island nation found itself in the grips of an outbreak disaster

Fortunately, with increasing vaccination coverage, we’re now finally seeing signs the number of new measles cases in Samoa is slowing.

Vaccine safety in Australia: AusVaxSafety summary report 2018

AusVaxSafety is a national system for monitoring vaccine safety in Australia. The report shows how people receiving vaccines, or their parents and carers, responded to the SMS about their health a few days after their vaccination at each schedule point in the National Immunisation Program...

The burden of vaccine preventable diseases in Australia

This report presents detailed methods and results from the Burden of Vaccine Preventable Diseases in Australia study, which focused on diseases with vaccines on Australia’s National Immunisation Program (NIP) schedule.

Analysis of cervical cancer and abnormality outcomes in an era of cervical screening and HPV vaccination in Australia

This is the third report from an Australian-first project, combining screening, cancer, death, and HPV vaccination data to demonstrate the effects of screening and HPV vaccination on cervical cancer and precancerous abnormalities and to discern cervical screening behaviour.