We need to Close the Gap on health. But even official dietary advice disadvantages Indigenous people

Recently announced Closing the Gap targets aim to improve the health and well-being of Indigenous people, however, culturally safe dietary advice needs to be included in these targets.
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Dietary intake of Aboriginal Australian children aged 6–36 months in a remote community: a cross-sectional study

This study describes the dietary intake of children aged 6–36 months in a remote Aboriginal community during the years of solids introduction and establishment.
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Applying community-based system dynamics to address food insecurity in non-remote Indigenous populations in Australia

This article aims to identify the relation to traditional food from an Aboriginal perspective and the enablers and barriers to accessing traditional food post-relocation from remote regions of the Northern Territory, Australia, to the urban city of Darwin.
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Fact Check: Is scepticism about FODMAPs causing gut problems justified?

Are FODMAPs a type of food that causes digestive problems for up to one in three people?

Summary of nutrition among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

This publication is a plain language summary that provides a comprehensive overview of key information on food, diet and nutritional health among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia.
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Policies influencing the provision of healthy food and drinks in local government‐owned sport and recreation facilities in Victoria, Australia

This study assessed the policies, attitudes and practices of local governments in Victoria, Australia, relating to obesity prevention and the provision of healthy food in their sporting facilities.

Global food and water security in 2050: demographic change and increased demand

Ensuring that there is enough food to supply the demand that is expected to accompany population growth to 2050 is one of the major challenges of this century.

Meat flaps and turkey tails: Are fatty, cheap cuts of meat the cause of obesity in the South Pacific?

Obesity rates have risen faster in the South Pacific than anywhere else over the last 30 years and are expected to continue to increase for the foreseeable future. The importation of fatty, cheap cuts of meat is often blamed for the high prevalence of obesity...

Pacific food systems: a policy review

This review seeks to apply a food systems approach to analysing non-communicable diseases (NCD) policy developments in the Pacific region.

Health star rating system: five year review report

This rerview examined the impact of the Health Star Rating (HSR) System against its specific objectives. In short, the HSR is performing well, but some improvements are needed.