Women's rights


Gender equality: women’s rights in review 25 years after Beijing

This report’s review of the Beijing Platform for Action draws on the most comprehensive and participatory stock-taking exercise ever undertaken on women’s rights, to which 170 countries contributed. It highlights gaps and opportunities and proposes effective solutions.

Australia’s implementation of women, peace and security: promoting regional stability

This report examines the benefits of Australia strengthening its implementation of the women, peace and security agenda, to bolster its regional stability and national security efforts.

Challenging power, fighting discrimination

This publication summarises the key challenges affecting women human rights defenders (WHRDs), and includes input collected through interviews with WHRDs in all continents. They all insist that more action is urgently needed from state and non-state actors, so that they can continue their critical human...

Women, Peace and Security summit: 2019 summit report

The Women Peace and Security Summit was co-hosted by the Governments of Samoa and New Zealand in Apia, Samoa, 22-23 August 2019. The summit was attend by 150 participants from 24 countries. This summit report captured discussions, high level outcomes and recommendations that will help...
Working paper

Sexual health and economic empowerment of young women and girls in Cuba: exploring the role of social norms

This literature review brings together evidence on the linkages between social norms and sexual and reproductive health (SRH), as well as between social norms and women’s economic empowerment (WEE). The focus is on Cuba, but broader evidence is presented from the Latin America and Caribbean...

Progress of the world's women 2019–2020

This year's report focuses on gender and the family. It proposes a comprehensive family-friendly policy agenda to advance gender equality in diverse families, arguing that promoting gender equality within families is a critical step towards meeting the Sustainable Development Goals.

2019 Beijing+25 national review report

This report on Australia’s implementation of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, covering the period 1 May 2014 – 1 May 2019, has been finalised during a caretaker period of the Commonwealth Government of Australia.

Women, business and the law 2019: a decade of reform

This study examines ten years of Women, Business and the Law data through an index structured around the economic decisions women make as they go through different stages of their working lives. It provides insight into how women’s employment and entrepreneurship choices are affected by...

State of world population 2019

This report considers the gains made in women's sexual and reproductive health and rights since the establishment of the Population Fund in 1969.

Developing principles to address the detrimental impact on health. equality and human rights of criminalization with a focus on select conduct in the areas of sexuality, reproduction, drug use and HIV

In this submission Amnesty International outlines the human rights impact of criminalizing sexuality and reproduction, and provides recommendations regarding developing principles to address the detrimental impact on health, equality and human rights of criminalization with a focus on select conduct in the areas of sexuality...