Fertilization in vitro

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Fact Check: Are millions of taxpayer dollars being wasted on poorly performing IVF clinics?

A leading IVF expert claims secrecy around IVF clinic success rates is wasting millions of dollars worth of Medicare rebates, as poorly performing clinics take more cycles to have a baby.

Assisted reproductive technology in Australia and New Zealand 2015

This report on Assisted Reproductive Techonology in Australia and New Zealand reveals that for the first time, more babies are born from IVF treatment using frozen embryos.
Literature review

Maternal, pregnancy and neonatal outcomes following IVF pregnancies: evidence check

This review examined the evidence for risks associated with assisted reproductive technology (ART). The published research does not currently allow for the estimation of the net effect of ART on pregnancy, maternal and neonatal outcomes. The best available evidence indicates that a pregnancy after ART...

Cold comfort: is the fertility industry misleading women?

An increasing number of women in Australia and overseas are taking up the opportunity of freezing their eggs to be used later, as a kind of motherhood insurance. But some doctors are warning that these women, mainly in their thirties, are being misled, and being...
Journal article

Genetic connection and relationships in narratives of donor-assisted conception

This article examines ways in which the contributions of genes and relationships to the meaning of family are explained in the narratives of donors, recipients, and offspring of donated gametes and embryos. More than 80 people were interviewed and subsequently consulted about their narrative accounts...