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Supported by the NSW Ageing and Disability Commission (ADC) this curated knowledge hub brings together policy and research resources on the topics of protecting and promoting the rights of older people, adults with disability, and children and young people in residential care. The primary purpose...

Ageing in place: home and housing for Australia’s older renters

This report explores how Australians want to age and the barriers they face to staying at home, especially for renters. It presents the findings of a survey that looked at older people’s preferences around ageing at home.

Meals on Wheels Australia social impact report

This report measures the social impact of 'Meals on Wheels' and the importance of meaningful customer and volunteer connection, further supporting the essential role the service plays within almost every Australian community.

Report of the Inquiry into support for older Victorians from migrant and refugee backgrounds

Throughout this inquiry, the Committee heard about many barriers preventing culturally diverse older people from accessing the services they need when they need them. This report draws upon comprehensive evidence received from expert stakeholders and people with lived experience to make 61 findings and 76...

Understanding economic and financial abuse and older people in the context of domestic and family violence

This research paper analyses existing research on older people, economic and financial abuse. It identifies a gap in the evidence base relating to the perpetration of economic and financial abuse against older people specifically in the context of domestic and family violence.

Alternative housing models for precariously housed older Australians

This research investigates the potential of alternative housing models to increase the supply of affordable housing for older Australians and the role alternative financing schemes could play in expanding those options.

50+ report: what older people think

This report explores the attitudes and values of people aged 50 and older in NSW on a range of topics that are of concern to the Australian people both now and into the future.
Conference paper

Emerging empirical insights on the potential of green infrastructure to mitigate heat stress and improve access, inclusion, and safety in Australian aged care facilities

This paper provides emerging empirical insights on the potential of green infrastructure to mitigate heat stress and improve access, inclusion, and safety in Australian aged care facilities (ACFs). It concludes that green infrastructure offers many strategic benefits in ACFs, but these are typically overlooked in...

Older workers employment action plan

This action plan acts as a blueprint on how the New Zealand government can help support and encourage older people to stay in the workforce if they want or need to, and supports the government’s overall employment strategy
Position paper

An agenda for government from older Australians

COTA Australia has prepared this document to describe the policy opportunities for the 47th Parliament of Australia to improve the lives of older Australians.

"Care that is right for me": A resource for working with aged care consumers

As part of its responsibilities for protecting and enhancing the safety, health, well-being and quality of life of aged care consumers, the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (the Commission) has identified and developed a range of best practice strategies and tools for providers of...

What do older people want from their healthcare?

This research explores the health and well-being needs, expectations and priorities of older Victorians at six key stages in later life. The report was prepared for the Victorian Health Department.
Journal article

Putting age-related hearing loss on the public health agenda in Australia

In this article, the authors argue that there is an urgent need to put in place a broad public health strategy to reduce the long-term disability burden attributable to hearing loss, including targeted public health messaging, improved screening and early detection.
Journal article

Older adults’ perceptions of current and future hearing healthcare services in Australia, England, US and Canada

This study evaluates older adults’ perceptions of current and future hearing healthcare services in Australia, England, US and Canada, to explore potential levers and system improvements.

Treasured lives - phase two: the policy and service environment

One group of older Australians vulnerable to not being able to age well at home with independence and dignity are those living with hoarding and/or challenges maintaining a healthy home. This report focuses on the experiences and needs of Tasmanian service providers and statutory agencies...
Briefing paper

Electronic Visit Verification: a guide to intersecting harms and policy consequences

The implementation of Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) systems highlights the risks of uncritical adoption of data-centric technologies in the provision of public services. This policy brief describes the harms that EVV and—technologies like it—create, and the stakes of continued inaction by federal and state governments.

Media literacy in Australia: a qualitative study

This study examines the media literacy needs of those who are already experiencing disadvantage in society due to various reasons. Among the diverse range of groups that experience disadvantage, researchers focused on the needs of four groups: multicultural communities, people with disability, older people in...

Better later life: action plan 2021 to 2024

This document is the New Zealand Government’s strategy for making the future better for older New Zealanders. It summarises the actions that central government agencies will deliver to support Better Later Life in the period 2021 to 2024.

What's age got to do with it?

This report identifies stereotypes, attitudes and beliefs about age that prevail in Australia, and captures some of the ways in which people in Australia understand and experience their impacts.

Reducing perceived risk and promoting digital inclusion for older Australians

This report describes the outcomes of stage one of the project, 'Explore and Quantify.' This includes an analysis of 22 exploratory interviews, resulting in 22 video vignettes of older adults’ information and communication technology risk perceptions (March 2021), and findings from a survey of approximately...