Aboriginal Australians education


OCHRE review report

OCHRE commits the NSW government to ‘work with Aboriginal communities, policy practitioners and service providers to advance the dialogue in NSW about trauma and healing and to begin developing responses informed by evidence of good practice’. This special report to the NSW Parliament comprehensively details...

Aboriginal education strategy: 2019 to 2029

The 10-year strategy highlights the importance of empowering parents, carers, family and community, and being a culturally responsive organisation to support education and development of Aboriginal children and young people.

Nintiringanyi: National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander language teaching and employment strategy

This strategy document highlights key actions for each state's and territory’s consideration in appropriately developing and supporting Indigenous language teachers in schools. This strategy was first published in 2018, and was updated in January 2019.

National Centre of Indigenous Excellence: strategic plan 2018-2020

This strategic plan sets priorities and measures to ensure that National Centre of Indigenous Excellence (NCIE) operations and services create a place where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples can access opportunities to achieve excellence. This strategic plan sets out NCIE's priorities for 2018-2020 and...
Literature review

Toward an Australian culturally responsive pedagogy: a narrative review of the literature

This narrative literature review focuses on the theme of culturally responsive pedagogy, with an emphasis on the Australian context.

Boarding: investing in outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

This report builds on previous reviews and reports into boarding for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students with the aim of improving the understanding of the benefits and impacts of the existing investment in boarding provision.
Journal article

Beyond enrolments: a systematic review exploring the factors affecting the retention of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health students in the tertiary education system

The aim of this systematic literature review was two-fold: to identify the factors affecting the retention of Indigenous students across all tertiary health disciplines, and to identify strategies that support Indigenous students to remain with, and successfully complete, their studies.

Strategic plan for Aboriginal engagement 2017–2020

This strategic plan enacts the University of Tasmania’s commitment to revitalise and embed its relationship with Aboriginal people, communities, culture and knowledge.

Tarrkarri Tirrka (Future Learning) 2013-2023

This Integrated Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Strategy advocates a university – wide approach to the development, implementation and evaluation of recruitment, retention and curricula strategies aimed at increasing the number of Indigenous students and staff, and to raise the cultural competency of staff...

North West Wiradjuri Language and Culture Nest

This is an evaluation report of the North West Wiradjuri Language and Culture Nest. The purpose of the nest is to revitalise the Wiradjuri Language as an integral part of local traditional Aboriginal culture and identity.