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Housing location

Residential location choice
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The Tarikaka settlement: 85 years of change

This paper presents findings from a study that includes a new investigation of the Tarikaka settlement in Wellington, New Zealand. The housing settlement was constructed in 1928-29 by the Department of Railways with the houses rented to their workers.
Conference paper

The origins of urban sprawl in New Zealand

This paper locates the origins of New Zealand’s low-density urban settlement pattern or sprawl in capitalist social relations and the cultural practices of the first settlers during the 1840s and 1850s. While the grid plans of towns conveyed notions of order and regularity, the commercial...
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Modelling for housing choice behaviour

This study applies discrete choice models for analysing travel and location choice behaviour of different populations in a suburban rail corridor. The models developed in the study provide flexible structures in estimating the interactive relationships of variables across individuals and alternatives in housing preferences. Statistically...
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Airbnb in Melbourne: how does the existing urban spatial structure shape the location of short-term accommodation sharing economy activity?

Airbnb is a short-term accommodation in the sharing economy platform that has become increasingly prevalent since its inception in 2008. Despite the growth of Airbnb, limited research has been focussed on understanding how this facet of the sharing economy interacts with the existing urban spatial...

Agent-based modelling of residential mobility, housing choice and regeneration

Dynamics in the housing market can be simulated using agent-based modelling. Focusing on the theme of urban regeneration, we present a housing market model framework which explores the causal relationships that occur in this market.

Living on the edge: Northern Territory town camps review

This report discusses housing in Aboriginal Town Camps in the Northern Territory, and a parliamentary inquiry that examined two housing models operated by the Northern Territory government.
Working paper

Regional housing supply and demand in Australia

This paper develops a comprehensive measure of the gap between housing supply and demand at a regional level in Australia, taking into account a range of complicating factors, such as changing demographics, building types and the increase in unoccupied dwellings at the regional level.
Policy report

Taking stock: The demand for social housing in New Zealand

This report attempts to paint an overall picture of social housing need in New Zealand and the building response needed to address this.
Working paper

The benefits of owner occupation

This paper looks at the history of owner occupation in Australia and discusses the costs and benefits - to individuals and to the community.

Housing tenure, mobility and labour market behaviour

This study investigated the relationships between housing, housing markets and the labour market.