At the coalface: work, community and climate change

This report is an analysis of the industrial profiles of Mackay, Central Queensland and the Hunter Valley. It reveals that forcing workers in the coal mining sector out of their jobs, without ensuring alternative employment with similar wages and benefits, would have devastating consequences for...

Select Committee into Jobs for the Future in Regional Areas: report

This inquiry has found that the jobs of the future for regional areas will depend on the modification of existing industries and the development of new industries. While some opportunities will be localised, the emergence of other industries will have application across regional Australia.
Policy report

Building the NDIS in regional Australia: a review of key policy approaches

This report aims to bring to attention the unique challenges faced by regional Australia. It seeks to prompt debate about how best to ensure that regional people with disabilities are afforded the same degree of agency and standard of care as those living in our...

Award of funding under the Regional Jobs and Investment Packages

The objective of the audit was to assess whether the award of funding under the Regional Jobs and Investment Packages program was informed by appropriate departmental advice and that processes complied with the grants administration framework.

Balance Victoria: prospects for decentralisation

The aim of this review study is to assess the prospects for a formal decentralisation program for Victoria – based upon achieving planned new cities and disbursed growth to these new purpose-built regional cities.

Future-proofing the WA economy

Diversifying Western Australia’s economy to develop emerging new sectors including defence, lithium, big data and tourism would create more than 163,000 new jobs in Western Australia within the next five years, according to this report.
Policy report

Infrastructure pipeline report: August 2019

Queensland’s growing and ageing population, coupled with ageing infrastructure assets and increased risks of extreme weather are just some of the challenges being addressed by the proposals in this report.

An assessment of Australia’s future infrastructure needs

The 2019 audit covers transport, energy, water, telecommunications and – for the first time – social infrastructure, and looks at the major challenges and opportunities facing Australia’s infrastructure over the next 15 years and beyond.

Future urban and regional settlement patterns: scenario analysis

This project assesses the economic impacts of a more decentralized population growth strategy that prioritizes greater regional growth in and around each of these four metropolitan regions. As part of this assessment, we analyse the high-level relationship between a city’s population size and its performance...

Settlement patterns: econometric analysis

This paper is part of the RAI’s ‘Settlement Patterns and Economic Growth’ major research project. This project was undertaken as part of the Regional Towns and Cities theme of the RAI’s 2018 Intergovernmental Shared Inquiry Program.

Regional population growth – are we ready?

The RAI is calling for a new national awareness campaign to promote the opportunities of living in regional Australia, and help drive a population shift in coming decades. The recommendation is part of this new report that looks at the economic consequences of alternative population...

Collaborating with regional communities: guidelines and tools for regional arts and cultural engagement

These guidelines and tools are to assist those working in regional communities achieve a more rewarding level of involvement in cultural activities. They show how to strengthen decisions, build productive partnerships and develop positive outcomes for both local hosts and visitors to rural, regional and...

Regional cities beware – fast rail might lead to disadvantaged dormitories, not booming economies

We don’t yet know for sure what the effects of fast rail on regional cities will be. But the impact of this infrastructure needs to be assessed very carefully lest it turns Australia’s regional cities into dependent population dormitories rather than regional dynamos, at vast...

Understanding regional settlement in Australia: key learnings from past experiences

This paper contains the learnings from some regional communities in different parts of Australia that have successfully welcomed migrants.

Steps to settlement success: a toolkit for regional and rural communities

This toolkit has been developed to respond to the information needs of rural and regional communities looking to settle migrants locally, be they migrants coming in from big Australian cities or overseas, entrants to Australia on skilled working visas or on humanitarian grounds.

Progress in Australian regions: yearbook 2016

The yearbook reports on how Australian regions are progressing against economic, social, environmental and governance indicators.

Growing innovative industries in New Zealand: from the knowledge wave to the digital age

This plan describes how the New Zealand Government intends to grow innovative industries, as part of its new, sector-led approach to growing industry innovation and boosting productivity.

The Pacific roadmap for sustainable development

The Pacific Roadmap for Sustainable Development guides regional responses for the achievement of the UN's 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals within the context of national plans and priorities, the S.A.M.O.A. Pathway and the Framework for Pacific Regionalism.

Framework for Pacific regionalism

This framework sets out the strategic vision, values, objectives and approaches to achieve deeper regionalism among the Pacific Island Countries.