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Literature review

Parenting Information Project: volume two

The Parenting Information Project, funded under the National Agenda for Early Childhood, has been designed to identify best practice parenting programs and information for Australian families and the most appropriate service delivery mechanisms, and to develop products and/or programs. The Parenting Information Project has two...

Parenting Information Project: volume three

This research forms part of Phase 1 of the Parenting Information Project, one of the aims of which was to develop the evidence base around early childhood and positive parenting by identifying: the information that was available to Australian parents; the information needs of Australian...

Parenting Information Project: volume four

Key professionals, policy makers and government representatives involved in the development and delivery of parenting information and supports in each Australian state and territory were consulted between February and April 2004. The consultations sought to determine the type of information and programs that professionals refer...

Parenting Information Project: volume five

This volume (Volume 5) details the compilation of information and program materials and resources undertaken for the Parenting Information Project. Compilation of information and program materials To build an overview of the various types of information available and the format in which they are presented...

Access to professional and academic information in the UK

• In June 2009, over 1000 UK research users responded to a survey about their access to and use of professional and academic information (including research articles published in journals, about which more detailed feedback was obtained). • Information was generally ranked as a relatively...

Resource materials on technology-enabled crime

Designed to assist prosecutors and members of the judiciary faced with proceedings involving technology-enabled crime, the report will be a useful general guide to concepts and terms for other non-technical people.

Indigenous visual arts and craft resource directory 2006

This directory aims to support the Australian Indigenous arts and cultural industry and to make the exceptional depth and range of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artwork more accessible. The Indigenous Visual Arts and Craft Resource Directory 2006 is published by the Australian Government. Please...

Information behaviour of the researcher of the future

This study was commissioned by the British Library and the Joint Information Systems Committee to identify how the specialist researchers of the future, currently in their school or pre-school years, are likely to access and interact with digital resources in five to ten years' time...

Policy research by government arts agencies: a review of approaches

The report summarises responses to a D'Art query about a number of research-related issues, such as whether research is undertaken by agencies in house or contracted externally, whether an agency has a dedicated research unit or a library, and the number of staff and financial...