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When research is relational: supporting the research practices of Indigenous Studies scholars

In 2017 Ithaka S+R launched a project to explore the changing research methods and practices of Indigenous Studies scholars across Canada and the United States. The goal of this report is to serve as a companion piece to the local research undertaken by the cohort...

Research 'stars' in New Zealand: concentration, persistence and mobility

This report identifies a set of star researchers in New Zealand, based on the publication of very highly-cited papers. It then investigates the concentration of such papers across authors; the persistence of 'stardom' across time, and the extent to which stars come from abroad or...

Researching the researchers: policy research in non-government organisations in the human services sector

'Researching the researchers' reports on a study of policy research activities in the non-government human services sector. Undertaken in 2010, the study identified over 50 human service NGOs across Australia that had policy research units or policy research positions.
Audio interview

Plan S and open access scholarship

Martin Borchert, UNSW Librarian, explains the ideas behind Plan S and the shift towards open access scholarship in this interview aired on ABC Radio National's 'Late Night Live' program.
Blog post

Assessing impact assessment – what can be learnt from Australia’s engagement and impact assessment?

Ksenia Sawczak considers the effectiveness of this latest exercise in impact assessment, finding it to provide an inadequate account of the impact of Australian research and ultimately a shaky evidence base for the development of future policy.
Briefing paper

Data communities: a new model for supporting STEM data sharing

Drawing on Ithaka S+R findings and the scholarly literature, this paper identifies what constitutes a data community and outlines the most important features by studying three success stories, investigating the circumstances under which intensive data sharing is already happening.
Position paper

Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia 2019 election statement

The Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia calls on the next government of Australia to redouble its commitment to support the social science research which underpins policy development and the connection of research with policymakers.

Facilitating the use of research in policy development and implementation

Three research projects funded by VCCCAR were selected to study research-to-policy interventions that might better facilitate the use of their respective results. These case studies were selected because they had progressed to a point that aligned with the time table of our “Research-to-Policy” project and...

Dr Edward Barret-Lennard: the need to increase and improve agricultural research

FDI recently interviewed Dr Edward Barrett-Lennard, a leading WA scientist and researcher, about the growing need for more scientists and technicians to work in agricultural research.

Research Training Implementation Plan: progress report March 2019

This report, developed in conjunction with responsible organisations, documents the progress made in implementing the Research Training Implementation Plan actions from August 2018 to March 2019.