Retirement income



Review of retirement income policies 2019

This report on the 2019 Review of Retirement Income Policies addresses the specific terms of reference set by the Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs. The review raised a number of important issues in relation to New Zealanders’ wellbeing and financial independence in retirement, particularly...

Pensions at a glance 2019

This publication highlights the pension reforms undertaken by OECD countries over the last two years. This edition also updates information on the key features of pension provision in OECD countries and provides projections of retirement income for today’s workers. A summary of key findings for...
Discussion paper

Retirement Income Review: consultation paper

This consultation paper outlines some of the issues the review panel will be considering and is intended as a guide to those making a submission. The panel welcomes contributions and invites submissions from the Australian community on the issues and material it should examine, as...
Briefing paper

Housing in an ageing Australia: nest and nest egg?

This report, investigating the links between home ownership and population ageing, finds that delays in home purchase are broadly consistent with other social and demographic trends. The report concludes that those at greatest disadvantage in retirement are renters.

Intergenerational impacts: the sustainability of New Zealand superannuation

This paper outlines a number of possible policy tools that could be used to reduce the cost to Government of retirement income support, and to enhance fiscal sustainability and intergenerational perceptions of equity.

The impact of climate change on mortality and retirement incomes in Australia

In terms of public policy, this report suggests that the wide-ranging consequences of climate change on mortality, public health and the economy mean that system-wide policy responses (across the health system, aged care services, emergency services, and other social services) are necessary to mitigate the...

Generation gap: ensuring a fair go for younger Australians

The report identifies policy settings that have contributed to differences in outcomes across generations in Australia. It looks ahead to what an ageing population might mean for the economic future of today’s young.

The impact of projections on superannuation contributions, investment choices and engagement

This report investigates the impact of retirement income projections on superannuation contributions, investment choices and engagement from fund members.

From saving to spending: a proposal to convert retirement account balances into automatic and flexible income

Retirement systems across the world are dealing with the same issues and coming to many of the same conclusions. Converting retirement savings balances into a stream of retirement income is one of the most difficult financial decisions that households need to make. This paper prosposes...
Discussion paper

Investing in (and for) our future

This paper focuses on recommendations for policy-makers, sponsors of retirement plans and members of the asset management community that provide services to the retirement industry.
Policy report

Millennials and super: the case for voluntary superannuation

This paper explores young people's savings patterns and expected future superannuation balances, and seeks to answer the question of whether superannuation is a good deal for millennials.

Super scandal: unpaid super guarantee in 2016-17

This analysis of Australian Taxation Office (ATO) data on individuals has found the unpaid super crisis did not improve in 2016-17, with 2.85 million Australians being short-changed $5.94 billion in super entitlements.
Policy report

Our plan to support retirees

National Party policy document outlining their plans for supporting retirees.

Commonwealth Orange Book 2019: policy priorities for the federal government

This report rates Australia’s performance against similar countries and proposes policy reforms for schools and universities, hospitals and housing, roads and railways, cities and regions, budgets and taxes, retirement incomes, and climate change.

Commonwealth Orange Book 2019 - chart data

This chart data accompanies the book report which rates Australia’s performance against similar countries and proposes policy reforms to schools and universities, hospitals and housing, roads and railways, cities and regions, budgets and taxes, retirement incomes and climate change.

Resolution of disputes with financial service providers within the justice system

This inquiry explored the ability of consumers and small businesses to exercise their legal rights through the justice system, and whether there are fair, affordable and appropriate resolution processes to resolve disputes with financial service providers.

Report on the inquiry into the implications of removing refundable franking credits

The committee gathered evidence from 19 public hearings and 1777 submissions, finding that the proposed policy to remove refundable franking credits is inequitable and deeply flawed. It recommends that any policy that could reduce Australian retirees’ income by up to a third should only be...
Working paper

Flexible pensions and labor force withdrawal

This paper studies the effect on the labor supply decisions of senior workers of reducing the eligibility age of retirement combined with actuarial neutrality, based on one particular group of private sector workers.
Policy report

Dividend franking credit refunds: principle vs revenue

This paper discusses the history of cash refunds of excess franking credits, and the impact abolition would have on taxpayers, markets and revenue.

Superannuation - assessing efficiency and competitiveness: Productivity Commission inquiry report

This report assesses the efficiency and competitiveness of Australia’s superannuation system and whether better ways to allocate defaults are needed.