Public perceptions of leadership for the greater good during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic

As an extension of the Australian Leadership Index, members of the Australian public were surveyed for eight weeks between March 17 and May 6 to measure perceptions of the degree to which different institutions showed leadership for the greater good in response to the COVID-19...

Australian Leadership Index: 2019 national survey report

The Australian Leadership Index is a national survey that provides a comprehensive picture of leadership for the greater good in Australia. This report reflects the views of 4000 Australians surveyed through 2019.
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Lean Construction: Frequently Asked Questions

One sector that is starting to embrace the Lean approach with increasing enthusiasm is construction. We thought it might be useful to share some of the questions we get asked most often about Lean construction.

How can lean construction improve the daily schedule of a construction manager?

The outcome of construction projects highly depends on effective management. The site manager is responsible for the site, and has a key role in executing construction projects. Especially this position has a wide range of tasks and a high volume of workload, which has to...

Leadership and Lean IPD projects

In this Leadership and Lean IPD Projects, you can learn about the specific leadership needed to effectively manage Lean and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) teams.

Integrating delivery of a large hospital complex

Building a high performing building requires project teams to integrate their knowledge, their organization and their information, leveraging metrics, models (energy, BIM, cost and schedule), co-location and collaboration, and production management. This model, the 'Simple Framework for Integrating Project Delivery' was validated in action on...

Morrison, compassion and coronavirus: when crisis refines leadership

News that the Morrison government paid A$190,000 last year for advice on how to empathise with the Australian people was met with ridicule.

COVID-19 crisis response and positioning for recovery

The authors outline key themes and points of interest related to COVID-19 crisis response and positioning for recovery. Topics include people and leadership, financial resilience, supply chain, market access and scenario planning.

Using “functional leadership” to improve government procurement

New Zealand Government Procurement and the State Services Commission need to work together to strengthen the framework that underpins the procurement functional leadership role. This report discusses matters the authors expect New Zealand Government Procurement and the State Services Commission to consider.
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Theoretical review on sustainable leadership (SL)

The aim of this paper is to explore the theoretical review of sustainable leadership (SL).