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Red book, Blue book: an Australian guide to the next US administration

This publication is designed in two sections: Blue Book — what to expect in a Biden administration and Red Book — what to expect in a second term of the Trump administration. Each section is designed to give a robust guide to the major policies...
Discussion paper

American foreign policy and the 2020 Presidential election

This paper argues that the United States needs to recognise that Australia and others have interests both in engaging with and restraining China, providing support while avoiding counterproductive pressuring for bi-polarisation of the region.

The case for Australia to step up in Southeast Asia

This paper argues that Australia shares significant overlap of geographically-derived interests with the emerging middle powers of Southeast Asia. As such, the importance of developing Southeast Asia functions as a protective membrane for Australia’s own prosperity and security.

Beijing’s great game in the Indo-Pacific: future dynamics

This paper argues that the dynamics in the Indo-Pacific will now probably be predicated on pushback against China, which the world is already witnessing with the realignment of alliances, the rise of regional powers and American endurance.

The Chinese distant water fishing fleet and illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing

Illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing has been described as the leading maritime security threat and the Chinese distant water fishing fleet is likely to be the world’s leading perpetrator. While Beijing has taken steps to address wrongdoing in the Chinese fishing industry, it might continue...

The point of no return: the 2020 election and the crisis of American foreign policy

This paper argues that if Donald Trump wins a second term in the upcoming election, the rest of the world will conclude that the United States has fundamentally changed and is no longer committed to the traditional leadership role it has played since the Second...

Security through sustainable peace: Australian international conflict prevention and peacebuilding

The purpose of this report is to review Australian experience of peace processes and suggest possible approaches for strengthening them.
Briefing paper

Managing US-China nuclear risks: a guide for Australia

As the prospect of high-intensity military conflict in the Indo-Pacific becomes more likely, Beijing, Washington and Canberra will need to manage nuclear risks more proactively.
Briefing paper

Post-pandemic governance in the Indo-Pacific

COVID-19 presents new challenges to the existing governance objectives of USAID’s Indo-Pacific Strategy, especially as great power competitors, like China, use the pandemic as a vehicle to further exacerbate existing democratic backsliding, corruption and disinformation.
Working paper

Lessons from the Trump administration’s policy experiment on China

This working paper argues that the Trump administration’s policy experiment on China has failed to curb Chinese behaviours of concern or elicit Chinese concessions on American priorities. China has grown more repressive at home and more assertive in pursuit of its external ambitions. These outcomes...