Domestic terrorism


Global terrorism index 2016

This is the fourth edition of the Global Terrorism Index (GTI), which provides a comprehensive summary of the key global trends and patterns in terrorism over the last 16 years, covering the period from the beginning of 2000 to the end of 2015. Produced by...

Global terrorism index 2018: measuring the impact of terrorism

This is the sixth edition of the Global Terrorism Index. The report provides a comprehensive summary of the key global trends and patterns in terrorism over the last 20 years, covering the period from the beginning of 1998 to the end of 2017.

Counterterrorism Yearbook 2018

This flagship ASPI publication is a comprehensive resource for academics and policymakers to build on their knowledge of counterterrorism developments in countries and regions around world.

3rd Australia-Europe counter-terrorism dialogue: ‘Transforming the new threat landscape’

By bringing together senior-level policymakers, experts and political decision-makers from the counterterrorism arena in Europe and Australia, this dialogue, already in its third iteration, created a space for thought-provoking, stimulating exchanges of ideas and expertise that form the basis for innovative approaches and new initiatives.

Expert panel on terrorism and violent extremism prevention and response powers - report 1

This report contains sixteen recommendations to improve the effectiveness of Victoria’s key legislation and related powers and procedures to prevent, monitor, investigate and respond to terrorism.

The 2017 independent review of intelligence: views from The Strategist

The articles reprinted in this report give a range of perspectives on the recent Australian Intelligence Community (AIC) review and its recommendations.

Update on Australian Government measures to counter violent extremism: a quick guide

This quick guide provides an update on Australian government measures and funding for countering violent extremism (CVE).

Australia’s new ‘Home Office’ is a worry for immigration policy

Drawing inspiration from the British "Home Office" model is worrisome for the immigration portfolio, writes Adele Garnier.

2017 Independent intelligence review

This review examined the environment in which the intelligence community operates, and consider how effectively it serves Australia’s national interests.

Grattan on Friday: Now it’s the ASIO chief who is the target of the vocal right

The most unfortunate aspect of the controversy surrounding ASIO chief Duncan Lewis is that it has given a free kick to those who want to sharpen a divisive debate about Australia’s refugee intake and Muslim immigrants generally.

Counterterrorism Yearbook 2017

Overview This yearbook looks at those areas around the world where terrorism and counterterrorism (CT) are in greatest focus. Each chapter examines CT developments in 2016, including the terrorist threat being faced and how governments and others have approached CT through both policy and operations...
Briefing paper

Punishment as Prevention 5.0

In July 2016, the Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria’s (ECCV) consulted with culturally diverse communities, parents, teachers and legal experts on lowering the age of control orders for children aged 14 in the Counter-Terrorism Legislation Amendment Bill (No.1) 2015.

Combatting terrorism (Nationals)

This investment is improving our intelligence capability and strengthening our border security against terrorism, crime and other threats, originating both here and overseas. To keep Australians safe, the Government has also established: The National Disruption Group – bringing together Federal agencies and state and territory...

Global terrorism index 2015: measuring and understanding the impact of terrorism

This is the third edition of the Global Terrorism Index, which provides a comprehensive summary of the key global trends and patterns in terrorism over the last 15 years with a special emphasis on 2014.

Pakistan's security outlook in the global power shift - part 2

In recent years, Pakistan has seen a major shift in its foreign and defence policy orientation taking political pundits by surprise. This shift is an outcome of the domestic changes occurring in Pakistan as well as a rapidly changing global world order.