State governments


Building integrity during times of crisis or emergency

These resources aim to help state and local government sectors review and strengthen integrity responses and improve capacity to prevent corrupt conduct during times of emergency and crisis.
Draft report

NSW Review of federal financial relations: draft report

This NSW Review of federal financial relations draft report sets out a blueprint for refreshing Australia’s 119-year-old federation.
Discussion paper

NSW Review of federal financial relations: discussion paper

The NSW Government has commenced a review of federal financial relations. This discussion paper outlines options for reform.

The state of Victoria and China’s Belt and Road Initiative: where does it leave Victorians?

The COVID-19 pandemic has ignited new debate on China’s flagship foreign policy, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Against the official position of the Australian federal government, the state of Victoria has recently signed on.
Discussion paper

Great southern hand: state emergency economic responses to COVID-19

This report compiles state government spending in support of existing businesses and community organisations in response to the COVID-19 crisis. It does not consider health spending that directly relates to treating victims of the disease, but to the immediate efforts that state governments made to...

Local government insights

This report explores the performance of New Zealand local government. It highlights the key lessons for both local and central government, and lays down a challenge to both sectors about what they need to get right, how to do things differently and the benefits of...

Market-led proposals

In a market-led proposal (MLP), the private sector makes an unsolicited approach to government for support to deliver infrastructure or services through direct negotiation, rather than a competitive procurement process. This audit examines whether MLPs are assessed in accordance with government requirements.

2019 Briefing e-Book: key issues from the 58th Parliament

This resource was compiled by the Parliamentary Library's Research and Inquiries unit. It provides an overview of issues that were prominent during the 58th Victorian Parliament, as shown through developments in legislative action, parliamentary debate, media coverage and public research.

Monopoly money: Adani’s subsidised rail monopoly

This paper argues that subsidising the development of huge new coal mines, as the world attempts to tackle climate change, is terrible public policy.
Policy report

Reform, retreat and relinquishment

This research paper explains the key structural reforms that made the 1990s the ‘Golden Era’ of transformation for NSW government businesses. It also explores possible reasons for those gains waning in the early 2000s.