Retail trade


Rationalising regulation: helping the economy recover from the corona crisis

Australia’s anachronistic, inconsistent and excessive regulatory landscape is an area of immense potential for growth-enhancing economic reforms. This paper considers regulations across a wide range of sectors, including the construction, agricultural, pharmaceutical, retail trade, mining, hospitality and tourism, and childcare sectors.
Discussion paper

Consumer payment behaviour in Australia: evidence from the 2019 Consumer Payments Survey

The 2019 Consumer Payments Survey (CPS) showed that Australians are continuing to switch to electronic payment methods in preference to cash for their day-to-day transactions. More recently, the switch to electronic payment methods is likely to have accelerated as a result of consumer and merchant...

Market structure for recreational cannabis

This report outlines BERL's recommended structure for the potential legal recreational cannabis market in line with Government objectives and market decisions agreed by Cabinet.

Rebuild New Zealand: retail sector

In its report PwC analyses data from a range of sources to paint a picture of the trading environment in the wake of COVID-19, and considers what developments in consumer sentiment may tell us about what lies ahead for the retail sector.
Journal article

The powers of Australian retail workers as a section of the global working class

By analysing the powers of Australian retail workers, this article demonstrates that the three-dimensional view on power has the capacity not only to assess workers’ power in direct, day-today struggles, but also to highlight and assess the systemic causes and effects of those struggles.
Briefing paper

Policy memo: Commercial tenancy intervention for COVID19 resilience

Prosper Australia has prepared this policy brief to present a solution as to how state governments can provide relief and certainty to businesses, while allowing landlords to participate in economic resilience measures.

Container Refund Scheme - price monitoring review: final report

The Queensland Productivity Commission was asked to undertake a review of pricing impacts from the scheme over the first 12 months of its operation. This report outlines their findings. The underlying policy aim of the review is to ensure that consumer interests are protected from...
Briefing paper

Needle in a haystack: searching for the impact of tax cuts on consumer spending and economic growth

Despite the supposed benefit of recent Commonwealth government tax cuts in boosting disposable income and stimulating more spending, the latest economic statistics have confirmed that Australia's economy is barely limping along.

Everyone’s business: survey on sexual harassment of members of the Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees’ Association

The data contained in this report captures what SDA members’ have said about their experiences of sexual harassment both in the workplace and, more broadly, in their lifetime. It should be noted that the 2019 survey results reflect people’s experiences of sexual harassment as reported...

Container Refund Scheme - price monitoring review: interim report

Findings in this report should be considered as interim, based on the relatively short time the scheme has been in operation. The Commission is requesting information from stakeholders on a range of issues and will undertake further analysis on a number of areas, as well...