The Morrison playbook

The prime minister’s style has proved effective so far, but does it contain the seeds of its own failure?

Direct messages received from wagering operators

This research examined the effects of ‘push marketing’ – direct promotional messages such as text messages, emails and phone calls – on wagering operators’ account-holders.

Overbranded, underprotected

This report analyses how the current regulatory system fails in the objective to protect children from the marketing of unhealthy food and what needs to be done to improve the way the system works.

Tobacco reforms literature review: final report

This research presents overwhelming global evidence that tobacco firms are developing new ways to get kids hooked on nicotine products and more needs to be done.

US public libraries: marketing and communications landscape

This report provides an overview of how US public libraries communicate to their users and the broader community. Results confirm that libraries do a lot with limited resources, there’s a focus on social media, and that efforts successfully increase community awareness about the library.

The state of marketing 2011: UNICA’s annual survey of marketers

The opportunity to understand what marketers are thinking and doing during a period of unprecedented change and increasing expectations has made Unica’s Annual Survey of Marketers a must read. Last year, Unica’s survey revealed the following key concerns among marketers: an overall shift to online...
Discussion paper

Exporting coal myths: how a coal mine that destroyed a town now claims it will save one

The decade-long fight over the controversial Stage 3 expansion of the New Acland Coal (NAC) mine looks set to continue, with the Queensland Supreme Court disagreeing with an earlier Land Court decision that the mine should not be granted approval, a decision followed by the...

Internet Competition Inquiry: report

Internet commerce currently accounts for only a small proportion of the Australian retail market but is growing rapidly. As a result of this growth, Australian businesses are experiencing increased competition from overseas firms using the internet to directly market to Australian consumers.

Health-Related Social Marketing for Pacific Peoples in New Zealand: Are there Critical Success Factors?

Social marketing is increasingly being used in the health sector to achieve positive behaviour change. Pacific peoples are a key target audience for most social marketing efforts in New Zealand because of their poor health outcomes and differing conceptualisations of health. Despite this, there is...