Remember the arts? Departments and budgets disappear as politics backs culture into a dead end

We care less about the arts when there is less to care about. The government of the day has backed Australian arts and culture into a corner and it must start telling its story better to survive.

This website contains hundreds of news articles, videos, analysis and in-depth reports on the right of artists to freedom of expression, as well as with issues relating to human rights and artistic freedoms generally.
Briefing paper

Creative spaces for nature: how creative organisations and artists can support biodiversity, habitats, and ecosystems

As a guide to the ways in which the creative sector can respond to the biodiversity crisis, this report focuses on green infrastructure, single-use plastics, and the move away from unsustainable sources, such as palm oil.

Arts and creative industries: a historical overview; and an Australian conversation

This report looks at ways in which the policy relationship between these often polarised sectors of arts and creative industries might be re-thought and approached more productively.

Artistic vibrancy: a way for organisations to talk about artistic impact

This framework is a way for organisations to talk about artistic impact internally and with others. It offers a way to capture the value arts and culture create for the society, economy and community.

ACT artists-in-residence policy

This policy aims to help Australian Capital Territory to achieve the goal to be regarded nationally and internationally as home to a comprehensive program of highly regarded artist residencies.

Activating Adelaide's precincts: placemaking through culture, arts and events

Arts and events are tools that can be used to regenerate and activities spaces, delivering vibrant and robust communities. This qualitative study of places and precincts develops a model that highlights the key challenges and opportunities for creating vibrant places and precincts.

Policy of cultural affairs in Japan (Fiscal 2018)

This policy outlines the basic principles and strategies used in the Agency for Cultural Affairs. It introduces the foundations of cultural administration, promotion strategies for different sectors in the cultural and creative industries, and several case studies.

Taiwan culture toolkit

The Ministry of Culture (Taiwan) has designed and created the "Taiwan Culture Toolkit", in order to strengthen global connection with a service focus on international mainstream communities. This toolkit is a multilingual website that includes literature, cinema, fine and traditional performing arts.

Shifting the balance: cultural diversity in leadership within the Australian arts, screen and creative sectors

This report provides a starting point for the development of more substantial research into the composition and organisational cultures of creative sector organisations, and the causes for CALD under-representation in these organisations.