Community policing

Alternate Term Label:
Community-based policing
Community-oriented policing
Neighborhood policing
Proximity policing

Benchmarking in cities

USGBC local communities around the country are helping cities jumpstart their building performance benchmarking efforts. And the results are pretty exciting. After four years of benchmarking in New York City, buildings there are using almost 15 percent less energy according to MIT professor David Hsu...

Country policing - it's not rocket science

This report considers changes in country communities and how this effects policing services. It argues that if police are to be viewed by their community as the primary problem solvers, they must have the skills to fulfil the expectations of their community. This requires country...

Community correction orders second monitoring report: pre-guideline judgment

Examines changes in community correction order use in Victorian adult courts between January 2012 and December 2014.

Brisbane City Division Vulnerable Persons Strategy

This strategy outlines how Brisbane City Division aims to coordinate, develop and foster local activities and initiatives that align services with the Queensland Police Service's (QPS) Vulnerable Persons Policy. Overview The Brisbane City Division is committed to pursuing the continuous improvement of policing services provided...

Evaluation of the Brisbane City Division Vulnerable Persons Strategy

Overview: Brisbane City Police have an increasing role in responding to vulnerable persons, often at risk in the CBD and police are often the first people to encounter vulnerable people in public space or in circumstances of need. QPS capacity to respond independently to the...

Taking its toll: the regressive impact of property crime in Britain

Two thirds of all crime in England and Wales is property crime, yet victims have little faith in the ability of the criminal justice system to address it. Only one in every ten shoplifting incidents is reported to police, and half of burglary victims never...

Report of the Security Legislation Review Committee

The Security Legislation Amendment (Terrorism) Act 2002 requires the attorney-general to cause a public and independent review of the operation of Security Acts relating to terrorism. The Security Legislation Review Committee’s report recommends a number of important changes to the government’s terrorism-related legislation and measures...