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Anti-corruption measures

Corruption in the UK construction industry

48% of construction professionals feel that corruption is commonplace within the UK construction industry according to a survey by the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB). Respondents suggest that cultural practices and economic conditions are the main reasons for the prevalence of corruption, noting squeezed tender...

Getting ahead of the curve

The COVID-19 pandemic has already forced many changes on our world and lives. These changes may be even more consequential when the crisis has ended. In fact, we may never return to the world we left behind before COVID, and that has huge implications for...

Operation Betka: an investigation into alleged corrupt conduct by a former contractor of the Department of Education and Training

Operation Betka was an IBAC investigation into allegations a contracted Senior Project Manager in the Information Technology Division of the Department of Education and Training was involved in serious corrupt conduct.
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Fact Check: Is Australia in breach of its UN anti-corruption obligations?

Prominent barrister Geoffrey Watson SC claims Australia is in breach of its anti-corruption obligations under international law by not having a federal anti-corruption body.
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Fact Check: Did Joh Bjelke-Petersen instigate the Fitzgerald inquiry?

Barnaby Joyce claims Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen brought about the Fitzgerald inquiry.
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Comparative study on the ethical perceptions of contractors and designers in the China construction industry

This research has investigated the ethical perceptions of contractors and designers in the China construction industry. The top three serious ethical issues in the industry are 'Bribery and corruption', 'Failure to practice whistle-blowing' and 'Improper bidding practices'.

A lean e-governance approach to mitigate corruption within official processes in the construction industry

Delays in construction projects lead to litigation-related issues and waste of money, in addition to rescheduling task and deliveries to fit the newly delayed plan, which is no easy task to accomplish given the hundreds of activities on a typical construction site. One of the...
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Lean Anti-Corruption Toolkit

When the Lean Construction revolution started about 25 years ago, it may not have considered the issue of corruption. The paper argues that corruption in construction forms a barrier in the implementation of Lean Construction. On the other hand, Lean Construction has the potential to...

National policy on match-fixing in sport

This policy represents a commitment by the Commonwealth and state and territory governments to work together to address the issue of inappropriate and fraudulent sports betting and match-fixing activities with the aim of protecting the integrity of sport.
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Exploratory investigation of challenges and expectations of innovative quantity surveyors and quantity surveying firms in Ghana

The purpose of this study is to identify the expectations and challenges of quantity surveyors and the quantity surveying profession (QSP). This paper makes an original contribution to the field by describing the challenges the QSP faces in the construction industry and providing theoretical views...