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COVID-19 and humanitarian migrants on temporary visas: assessing the public costs

This paper examines how unemployment and income loss for temporary humanitarian visa holders impacts on their health and well-being, and projects some of the subsequent fiscal implications for State and Territory governments.
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Poverty in the age of coronavirus

Economic modelling in this report indicates that removing the coronavirus supplement in September will push over 600,000 people into poverty, including 120,000 children and half a million people who rent or have a mortgage. This will have a profound impact on the lives of many...
Briefing paper

Australia’s energy future and the recovery from COVID-19

For Australia, no areas of policy are more central to our economic future and place in the world than energy and climate change. This paper argues that a renewable energy powered recovery can create a brighter future for all Australians, and ensure we play our...

Universal child benefits: policy issues and options

Despite clear evidence of the effectiveness of well-designed social protection in tackling child poverty, children are one of the population groups at highest risk of exclusion from social protection. This report and briefing note, prepared in partnership with UNICEF, examines the role of universal child...

Poverty in Australia 2020 - part 2: who is affected?

This report provides the human face of poverty in Australia and explains who is most affected and at risk. Looked at through the varied aspects of life – our age, gender, family relationships, paid work and sources of income, disability and other characteristics - the...
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Fact Check: Do the Nationals represent Australia's poorest electorates?

Deputy Nationals Leader Barnaby Joyce claims his party's constituents are Australia's poorest.
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Fact Check: Child poverty on the rise? ACOSS CEO Cassandra Goldie's claim is overblown

Australian Council of Social Service CEO Cassandra Goldie claims child poverty is rising in Australia.
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Fact Check: Are 2.5 million Australians in poverty and are one quarter of them children?

Labor Opposition Leader Bill Shorten claims millions of Australians, more than 600,000 of them kids, are living below the poverty line. But what do the numbers show?
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Fact Check: Adam Bandt says that one in four people in poverty work full time. Is he correct?

In the lead up to the federal election, Greens MP Adam Bandt called for the minimum wage to be increased to a so-called "living wage", claiming that nearly one in four people in poverty worked full-time.

The strategic plan 2020-2023

The Strategic Plan for 2020–2023 repositions UN-Habitat as a major global entity, a centre of excellence and innovation. In that respect, the organization is refocusing its niche position as the “thought leader” and the go-to programme for issues pertaining to its work.