Organised crime

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Organized crime

Enforcement of drug laws: refocusing on organized crime elites

This report provides an analysis of drug trafficking and its links with organised crime based on the most current evidence and with the support of experts. It exposes the failures of current policies in addressing deep-rooted issues that feed organised crime, levels of violence and...

In a fix - how match fixing became sport’s biggest threat

The new national agency Sport Integrity Australia is expected to strengthen Australia’s world leading position on anti-corruption in sport. But experts believe it still won’t be enough to rid sport of match fixing.

Australian outlaw motorcycle gang involvement in violent and organised crime

This paper examines offending by outlaw motorcycle gang (OMCG) members, chapters and gangs, with a focus on violent and organised crime-type offending, using criminal history data for a large sample of Australian OMCG members known to law enforcement.

Rainforest Mafias: how violence and impunity fuel deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon

This report documents how illegal logging by criminal networks and resulting forest fires are connected to acts of violence and intimidation against forest defenders and the Brazilian state’s failure to investigate and prosecute these crimes.

Transnational organized crime in Southeast Asia: evolution, growth and impact

This report represents the most comprehensive study of organized crime in Southeast Asia by the UN in over five years. The report finds that recent law enforcement suppression efforts in some parts of the region and neighbouring regions have changed trafficking patterns. However, some criminal...

Criminal histories of Australian organised crime offenders

As the first attempt to analyse the criminal histories of organised crime offenders in Australia, this study offers insights into the extent, nature and seriousness of offending.
Discussion paper

Where’s the money‽ An investigation into the whereabouts and uses of Australian banknotes

This paper aims to provide an estimate of where the approximately $76 billion worth of Australian banknotes – or $3,000 per Australian – are held, and for what purposes these banknotes are used.

Exploring the relationship between organised crime and volume crime

This paper explores the complex interaction between organised crime and other forms of crime, sometimes described as ‘volume crimes’ because of their widespread incidence. In particular, it shows how the commission of organised crime, or the involvement of those engaged in organised crime, can entail...

Understanding and responding to serious and organised crime involvement in public sector corruption

This paper examines the nature of serious and organised crime group (SOCG) involvement in public sector corruption, associated risk factors and best-practice responses and prevention strategies.

Estimating the costs of serious and organised crime in Australia 2016–17

This report estimates the cost of serious and organised crime in Australia in 2016–17 to be between $23.8b and $47.4b. It updates the Australian Crime Commission’s estimates for 2013–14, given there have been some major developments in the available baseline data and some further attempts...