Discussion paper

COVID-19 and separated families

The focus of this paper is the approximately 650,000 separated families, and the 1.3 million children affected by these separations in Australia. For these families too, it is likely that COVID-19 will amplify both the opportunities and the dangers.

Families, family policy and the Sustainable Development Goals

This report explores how the role of families, and family policies from around the world, can contribute to meeting the ambitions of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Conference paper

Why do home-owners do better?

Focussing on indicators of physical and mental health, life satisfaction and, for youth, educational attainment, this paper employs a range of strategies to test competing hypotheses relating to causal mechanisms and selection effects associated with home-ownership.
Briefing paper

Most of our social interactions are already digital – so will physical isolation change anything?

This briefing paper suggests that many Australians won‘t have to change much to adapt to new ways of online socialising. Data from the 2017 Australian Survey of Social Attitudes show that for about 45% of Australians, all or most of their communication with family members...

Promising Practice Profiles: final report

This report sets out information about the PPP background and process and the results of the call for promising practice proposals. It then presents the analysis of promising practices, grouped by program target group.

Attitudes towards intergenerational support

This paper examines the views of Australians about the obligations of parents and their adult children concerning financial and accommodation support, and compares views of respondents according to selected demographic characteristics.

The Longitudinal Study of Australian Children: annual statistical report 2013

This report, produced by the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS), aims to provide valuable insights into family functioning and child development for researchers, policy makers, those who provide services, and members of the community at large.

Stronger together: the impact of family separation on refugees and humanitarian migrants in Australia

For many people who find sanctuary in Australia, ongoing forced separation from loved ones affects their ability to build a new life. This report shows that Australia stands to reap significant long-term economic benefits from increasing the intake of people seeking safety.

Close to home: young people and the impact of alcohol and drug use by family and peers

This report offers an insight not only into the scale of young people in Australia who are affected by the alcohol and drug use of their family and peers, but importantly, it provides a better understanding of the personal impacts that this has on a...

Child Care Package evaluation: early monitoring report

In addition to presenting early data about the transition for services and families, this report provides context for the reform package through a review of the history of child care in Australia and a detailed overview of child care provision and the nature and objectives...