Employee mental health

Psychosocial safety climate
Work-related mental health conditions

What the quality of work means for our health

This paper argues that the extent of low-quality work, the inequalities embodied within it, and the duration people spend in it, are all likely to contribute to worse health outcomes overall, and to inequalities in health outcomes.

Young people, transition into work and mental wellbeing

The research outlined in this report identifies early working life (inclusive of the period of transition from education into paid employment) as being a time of particular vulnerability for young people.

WorkSafe 2: Follow-up investigation into the management of complex workers compensation claims

This investigation looked at the compensation and support provided to people injured at work in Victoria, particularly those with complex injuries. This follows an earlier investigation by the Ombudsman in 2016, which found the scheme had failed some particularly vulnerable people.

"And they're off" Industry health promotion investigation in Victorian thoroughbred participants

The aim of this research project was to gain evidence about the mental health and well-being of personnel working in the Victorian horse racing industry. These include occupational groups of horse trainers, jockeys, horse owners, stable supervisors, stable hands and others.

Supporting small business owners to improve their mental health and wellbeing at work

When running a small business, there are many challenges that can affect their mental health, including long work hours, social isolation, customer demands, cash flow issues, work-life balance, job insecurity and a lack of administrative support. This guide outlines actions that can be used to...

A better way to support veterans: inquiry report

This report sets out the Commission's findings and recommendations on a better way to support veterans. The key message of this report is that despite recent improvements to the system, the current veterans' compensation and rehabilitation system requires fundamental reform.

The Australian principal occupational health, safety and wellbeing survey: 2011–2014 data

The aim of this research project is to conduct a longitudinal study monitoring school principals and deputy/ assistant principals’ and deputy/assistant principals and deputy/assistant principals’ health and wellbeing annually.

The Australian principal occupational health, safety and wellbeing survey: 2015

The results of this survey, run annually, demonstrate that principals and deputy/assistant principals experience far higher prevalence of offensive behaviour at work each year than the general population, and they collectively score below the general population average for wellbeing.

Vanguard Laundry Services: impact report 2018

Providing employment and tailored career support can improve the health, wellbeing and finances of people living with mental illness, according to this evaluation report.

The Australian principal occupational health, safety and wellbeing survey: 2018 data

The latest report from this longitudinal study of Australian school leaders finds that many are experiencing bullying, intimidation, and high levels of stress.

The people behind 000: mental health of our first responders

This report outlines findings from the inquiry into the role of Commonwealth, state and territory governments in addressing the high rates of mental health conditions experienced by first responders, emergency service workers and volunteers in Australia.
Policy report

Well-being and mental health in the gig economy

A response is needed to the numerous issues spurred by the expansion of the gig economy, where flexible patterns of employment prevail in contrast to permanent jobs. In this context of the exponential growth of the digital economy and underlying business models the largest nationwide...

Awareness into action: a holistic approach to cultivating mentally healthy workplaces in Australia

This report seeks to show that a mentally healthy workplace can only be achieved when it is a business priority. It brings together key research findings and other expert resources to put forward a holistic approach to help employers transform awareness into action that promotes...

Impact of FIFO work arrangements on the mental health and well-being of FIFO workers

This research report was funded by the W.A Mental Health Commission and is one of the most comprehensive FIFO research studies undertaken in Australia. It suggests that the greater mental health risk of FIFO workers stems from their demographic profile, being mostly young-to-middle aged men...
Working paper

Creative occupations and subjective wellbeing

This report statistically examines whether being in a creative occupation is associated with higher levels of subjective wellbeing, once other factors that affect wellbeing are controlled for. Four different measures of subjective wellbeing (life satisfaction, worthwhileness, happiness and anxiety) from the UK’s Annual Population Survey...

Answering the call

This report was developed as part of Beyond Blue’s national mental health and wellbeing study of police and emergency services.

Answering the call: national survey

This report into the mental health and wellbeing of police and emergency services reflects the voices and experiences of 21,014 serving and former employees and volunteers from police, fire, ambulance and state emergency services agencies. The response rate signals that mental health and wellbeing are...

Health, wellbeing and productivity in retail: the impact of green buildings on people and profit

The WorldGBC has demonstrated that low carbon, resource efficient and environmentally sensitive buildings can enhance the health, wellbeing and productivity of building users. That is a very strong element of the business case for green buildings. The report forms one of the first major outputs...

Building the business case: health, wellbeing and productivity in green offices

Employers, building owners, designers, developers, and investors throughout the world are learning, in response to an increasing body of evidence, that office design affects the health and wellbeing of occupants in many ways and so it is a smart business move to create green buildings...