Briefing paper

Philippines: shifting tides in the Sulu-Celebes Sea

This paper seeks to explore the significance of maritime piracy and kidnapping in the Philippines, the emergence and significance of the ASG within the tri-border area, the Philippines government response to maritime piracy and kidnapping and the future implications and opportunities for the broader Indo-Pacific...
Journal article

The business of anti-piracy: new zones of enterprise in the copyright wars

From the perspective of copyright holders, piracy represents lost revenue. In this article we argue that piracy nevertheless has important generative features. We consider the range of commercial opportunities that piracy opens up outside of the media industries, identifying four overlapping fields of legal anti-piracy...
Journal article

Transnational piracy research in practice

The following is an edited transcript of an interview with lead investigators on the Media Piracy in Emerging Economies project. The discussion took place online in June 2011.

Record of the communications policy and research forum 2010

This is the largest annual gathering of communications knowledge in Australia. It gives a springboard to serious thinking and data about the state of media, telecommunications and the Internet. One strength of the Forum is the depth of analysis, criticism and research offered by professional...
Working paper

Privatising the fight against Somali pirates

The recent audacious pirate attacks in the Gulf of Aden and off the horn of Africa have fuelled the debate about the privatisation of maritime security. Ship owners and maritime security experts, as well as representatives of industry organisations, have stated that private security companies...

The roots of piracy in Southeast Asia

Carolin Liss of Murdoch University writes that 'combating piracy is a difficult and complex task, requiring more than the patrolling of piracy-prone waters.' Liss argues that five factors 'are of particular importance in shaping piracy in Southeast Asia: over-fishing, lax maritime regulations, the existence of...

Private security companies in the fight against piracy in Asia

Today, private companies offer services for every aspect of life, including the security and military sector. They are also employed to secure the world's oceans. In the last ten years an increasing number of private companies offering anti-piracy services have surfaced and expanded. Despite their...