Mental health promotion


Calling for help: how crisis lines support Victorians' mental health

In partnership with Lifeline, this report explores the mental health impact of COVID-19 and how crisis lines supported Victorians during the pandemic.

Youth survey report 2021

The Mission Australia Youth Survey is the largest annual survey of young people in Australia. This report contains an overview, a national summary, a summary of findings for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people and a summary of findings for each State and Territory.

Wellbeing at work: apprenticeships and mental health

Despite the importance of apprenticeships, almost half of young people who commence an apprenticeship will not finish it. This report examines how the mental health and wellbeing of apprentices can be better supported.

Parenting programs that support children's mental health through family separation

Evidence-based programs for separating families can provide practitioners in diverse sectors with information about 'what works'. This paper identifies the common elements of evidence-based parenting programs that support children's (aged 0-12 years) mental health through parental separation to inform the decisions practitioners make in their...

Modern work: how changes to the way we work are impacting Australians’ mental health

Work in Australia has changed dramatically over the last twenty years. Technological innovation has led to wide scale digitisation of work, automation and the gig economy. The research presented in this paper focuses on workplace mental health.
Position paper

Supporting young parents: addressing perinatal and youth mental health needs

Parenthood can be both a rewarding and challenging experience for new and expecting parents. During this time of transition, experiences of mental ill-health are common. This paper argues that stronger collaborative care and referral pathways are needed across perinatal and youth mental health systems to...

How climate change affects mental health in Australia

This report discusses climate change and mental health, including mental illness and suicide. It summarises existing knowledge and theory about effective responses and highlights areas where further research is needed.

The national children’s mental health and wellbeing strategy

This strategy document uses four focus areas to outline the requirements for an effective system of care for children, and seeks to create a new, shared understanding of the roles of families, communities, services, and educators in promoting and supporting child mental health and wellbeing.
Policy report

COVID-19 and Australia's mental health: an overview of academic literature, policy documents, lived experience accounts and community reports

This report ties together multiple streams of knowledge to present an overview of the mental health impacts of COVID-19 and resultant policy measures.
Briefing paper

COVID-19 and Australia's mental health: report of June 2021 meeting of Australia's Mental Health Think Tank

Drawing together expert researchers and practitioners from across the country, Australia’s Mental Health Think Tank met over 24 and 25 June 2021 to examine the emerging research evidence on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Australians’ mental health, and the effectiveness of Australia’s response.

Mental health deep dive: summary report

This report briefly defines key terms and context around mental health and young people in Australia, and then summarises the 'Building Back Better – Mental Health Deep Dive' project findings, with a focus on the final stage of the project – roundtables and discussions with...

Mental health deep dive: community consultation and final report

The Mental Health Deep Dive was a collaborative research project involving Centre for Social Impact team members. This report summarises the first two reports (project stages 1-3) and details the findings from the final stages of the project (stages 4-5) – roundtables and discussions with...

Mental health deep dive: effective and promising practice in mental health promotion with young people

This report provides findings from a review of literature on mental health promotion and prevention programs for young people who experience socioeconomic disadvantage.

Mental health deep dive: strategic context and problem definition report

This report provides an overview of Australia’s mental health system and current frameworks relating to the promotion of mental health, and support for people experiencing a mental health condition.

Kia manawanui Aotearoa: long-term pathway to mental wellbeing

This document presents the New Zealand Government's high-level plan for transforming the mental health system. It outlines the next steps for further implementation of the changes required to support the mental wellbeing of New Zealanders.

State of the nation in suicide prevention 2020

Suicide Prevention Australia designed the State of the Nation in Suicide Prevention Survey to gather in-depth intelligence from their membership and the broader suicide prevention sector. The information they have gathered on this area will inform their policy and advocacy work in 2020/21.

State of the nation in suicide prevention 2021

Record numbers of Australians are heeding the call to seek help from suicide prevention services in a 'silver lining' that shows the sector is making a major contribution to keeping the community safe, according to this report.

'Supported, educated and understood'

This report aims to shine a light on the everyday lives of regional, rural and remote young people, their strengths and challenges, their mental health, and the impact ReachOut has in improving their mental health and wellbeing.

Older adults and animal companionship

From July to October 2020, researchers connected with CP beneficiaries and volunteers to explore their experiences, perceptions and practices. The aim of the exploratory study was to reflect on the significant value of animals in the lives of older adults, and the important role of...
Fact sheet

Mental health in rural and remote Australia

People in rural areas face a range of stressors unique to living outside major cities. This fact sheet outlines some key statistics regarding mental health in rural and remote communities.