The impact of design rights on Australian firms

IP Australia commissioned researchers at the Centre for Transformative Innovation to assess the impact of past policy changes and whether Australia’s design rights system is providing incentives for Australians to invest in design. This report outlines the research findings.

Virtual design rights across the world

Formal design rights protection for virtual designs is available in many international jurisdictions. To date, however, Australian legislation has not provided fully-enforceable protection for these designs. This report provides an analysis of the likely Australian demand for such protections.
Working paper

Innovation quality and global collaborations: insights from Japan

Japan allocates more resources on research and development and files more patent applications than the U.S. and Germany. However, the quality of Japanese innovation severely lags compared to these two nations. This working paper digs deeper into this finding to identify possible policy actions that...
Working paper

An overview of legal instruments and other measures to aid in the protection and valuation of Indigenous knowledge

This paper reviews the instruments and other measures relevant to supporting the protection of Indigenous Knowledge (IK) in Australia, with the intention of identifying ways to estimate the market value attributable to IK.

To sell or scale up: Canada’s patent strategy in a knowledge economy

This study examines the role of patents and patent policy in Canadian innovators’ decisions to sell their intellectual property (IP), rather than continue to develop it in Canada, and the incentives driving this decision.
Discussion paper

Intellectual property fees review: discussion document

This discussion document contains proposals to change the fees for patent and trade mark services provided by the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand (IPONZ).

Australian government response to the Productivity Commission inquiry into intellectual property arrangements

This Australian government response document supports a number of the Productivity Commission’s recommendations and acknowledges the importance of further consultation with stakeholders on future copyright reforms.

A patent analytics study on the Australian advanced manufacturing industry

This report on patent activity highlights Australia’s positive global ranking in advanced manufacturing patent applications, showing healthy levels of innovation within the sector.

Intellectual property arrangements

Australia’s intellectual property (IP) arrangements fall short in many ways and improvement is needed across the spectrum of IP rights. IP arrangements need to ensure that creators and inventors are rewarded for their efforts, but in doing so they must: − foster creative endeavour and...

Compulsory licensing of patents

This report presents background information for an inquiry on the compulsory licensing provisions of the Patents Act 1990 (Cwlth). Key points: Like most countries, Australia has legislated a system of compulsory licensing so that patent owners can be compelled to license their inventions to others...